This Website Lets You Make GLaDOS Say Whatever You Want

This Website Lets You Make GLaDOS Say Whatever You Want
Screenshot: Valve / Kotaku

Do you like GLaDOS, the homicidal, yet charming AI overlord of the Portal games? Do you also wish you could hear her sing the opening line from My Chemical Romance’s “Black Parade?” Guess what? I got a website for you and your oddly specific dream. is a site that lets you type in any text you want and have a bunch of different characters repeat those words. The results are surprisingly good, especially with some characters, like Portal’s GLaDOS. I had her say something about presidential impeachment, a timely topic, and my girlfriend was convinced it was a new voice line from GLaDOS’ voice actor, Ellen McLain. Nope! Just some AI shenanigans. You can read more about how it works. Also, impressively, the whole thing was created by one person.

For example, here’s Spongebob Squarepants voicing the famous “Big Bill’s Hell” video.

You can find more on Twitter and YouTube by searching for “” Or make your own! You can have the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 sing some sea shanties. Or get the Narrator from The Stanley Parable to read some old memes. Whatever makes you happy during these dark days.

Just a warning, the site often gets hit hard by people throughout the day, so it might take a few minutes for your audio to be created. But be patient and you will be rewarded.

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