This Week In Games: Hitman’s EVERSPACE

This Week In Games: Hitman’s EVERSPACE

I hope you like big spaces, and space itself, because that’s exactly what HITMAN 3 and this week’s lineup of new games have to offer.

It’s a surprisingly jam-packed January week. We’ve known Hitman 3 has been on the cards for a while, but there’s a ton worth paying attention to outside of IO’s magnum opus. If you’re interested in Hitman 3, I’ve got a full preview available here.

But what if you want things that are a little more grand? Everspace 2 launches in Early Access this week, although it’s already looking super interesting with the sequel’s direction and expanded elements.

There’s also Redout: Space Assault, which is more of an action space shooter than a full adventure. That game was originally an Apple Arcade exclusive, but it’s hitting PC / Steam for the first time this week. On the Game Pass front, there’s Control for PC. Switch users should be happy too, with a string of indies including the fast-paced RTS EpitaphAll Walls Must Fall looks intriguing for fans of XCOM games too.

hitman 3
  • Hitman 3 | PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox Series S/X
  • Everspace 2 | PC Early Access
  • Dyson Sphere Program | PC
  • Ocean’s Heart | PC
  • Orange Cast | PC
  • Epitath | Switch
  • Danger Gazers | Switch
  • All Walls Must Fall – A Tech-Noir Tactics Game | Switch
  • Shing! | Switch
  • Adverse | Switch
  • Home Behind 2 | PC
  • Don’t Cheat On Me | PC
  • Redout: Space Assault | PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch
  • TAURONOS | Xbox
  • Marble Duel | Xbox
  • Unspottable | Xbox
  • Air Bounce – The Jump ‘n’ Run Challenge | Xbox
  • Skycadia | Xbox
  • Mad Games Tycoon 2 | PC
  • Control | Xbox Game Pass (PC)
  • Teratopia | PC, Xbox, PS4
  • Loot Hero DX | Switch, PS4
  • Sally Face | Switch
  • Frodoric The Driver | Switch
  • Jiffy | Switch
  • Missle Dancer | Switch
  • The Game Is On | Switch
  • Ephemeral – Fantasy On Dark | Switch
  • Ghostanoid | Switch
  • Nosferatu Lilinor | Switch
  • Bouncing Hero | Switch
  • Chess Royal | Switch
  • Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 | Switch
  • Bezier: Second Edition | Switch

Onto the trailers! We’ll kick off by looking at All Walls Must Fall and seeing what “Tech-Noir” looks like.

Really good mix of genres and games out this week, especially if you don’t mind taking a flier on indies. Hitman 3‘s response will be key, especially since IO Interactive took such an enormous bet self-publishing the game after they were dropped by Square Enix. The studio would do such a good job with the James Bond license, too.

EVERSPACE 2 should be good fun — given we’re not liable to see Star Citizen‘s take on a modern Freelancer any time soon, maybe EVERSPACE 2 can scratch that itch nicely. (Or hey, Microsoft: just get someone to remaster Freelancer. That’d be an amazing exclusive.)

See anything you like this week?


  • Kind of annoyed you can’t get Hitman deluxe edition on disc. Only digital. Hopefully they’ll make the deluxe pack separate sometime after launch

  • so with this new Hitman is this a completely new full game (like all the games upto and including absolution) or just part 3 of the episodic game 1 and 2

    • Hitman 1, 2 and 3 are all full games.
      1 released as episodes but is now a full game
      (made up of about 6 individual levels/episodes with a ton of stuff to do in each level)
      2 released as a full game also with the same format with levels
      3 will release as a full game like 2

    • Six locations doesn’t sound like a huge amount of content but they’re super fleshed out with a lot of replay value to the right sort of player. If you enjoy learning how all the moving parts work, plotting your path and going for perfection a location can last days. If you look it up on YouTube or go in guns blazing you can probably be done with Hitman 1+2 in a night or two.
      I love poking the simulation and seeing what happens so they’re my sort of games, but if you’re on the fence it wouldn’t hurt to wait until they’re on sale.

      • Or get the free starter versions of the first two games. That should be enough to tell whether it’s the sort of game you’d enjoy. With that said, the paid levels are a lot more expansive with more to do.

  • God damn watching that Everspace 2 video just makes me want another Freelancer or better yet remaster with expanded features.

  • Playing Everspace 2 right now, have to admit, it’s *very* good. For an early access game, this feels incredibly polished and well made. Excited to follow the progress of this. The controls on the xbox controller felt nice and fluid, but the keyboard/mouse combo feels fantastic 🙂 They’ve put a LOT of thought into how it works on both, both feel natural where everything lay in terms of motion, fluidity and ease of access.

    I loved part 1 as a Roguelike in space, part 2, even with it’s story, feels like it’s living up to part 1 and even more 🙂

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