Twitch Removes ‘PogChamp’ Emote

Twitch Removes ‘PogChamp’ Emote
Image: Kotaku
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Twitch has removed the extremely popular “Pogchamp” emote from its service after the man featured in it, streamer Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, tweeted some Extremely Bad Shit about the events currently unfolding in Washington.

Here’s the tweet in question, in which Gutierrez directly calls for “civil unrest” for a “#MAGAMartyr” following a shooting that took place earlier in the day (he is referring to a woman shot and killed inside the Capitol Building).

Screenshot: Twitter Screenshot: Twitter

A few hours later, Twitch made the decision to remove the emote, citing “statements from the face of the emote encouraging further violence after what took place in the Capitol today.”

“We want the sentiment and use of Pog to live on – its meaning is much bigger than the person depicted or image itself– and it has a big place in Twitch culture”, the statement continues. “However, we can’t in good conscience continue to enable use of the image.

Twitch says it will “work with the community to design a new emote for the most hype moments on Twitch.”

These tweets didn’t appear out of thin air; Nathan’s excellent piece in May detailed some other crazy shit Gutierrez has said recently, including:

Toward the end of the stream one guest, fighting game veteran Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, decided to explain, at length, why a growing number of people believe that Bill Gates is involved in a covert population-control scheme involving vaccines. During this process, he said he was only “relaying the information,” not necessarily endorsing it, but then, after Niknam reacted to his spiel by saying that everybody should vaccinate their kids and themselves, Gutierrez said, “I think everybody should be free to do what they want with their body.”


  • Reads to me more like pointing out that she was a protestor murdered by police (live ammunition, no rubber bullets) which was similar to the deaths that were driving the ‘civil unrest’ that populated the US much of 2020, so he was wondering aloud if it’d cause more protests. And as such highlighting the hypocrisy of society if it wasn’t treated the same way as when there were deaths during BLM protests.

    I’m curious where the line between protestor and terrorist is, since from the sounds of it all the newsworthy protests of 2019 / 2020 should now be rebadged as ‘terrorist’ actions.

    • If you seriously don’t see the difference between multiple black people shot in the street and even in their own homes vs a single white person shot while storming a government building… I guess there just isn’t any helping you.

      • Totally agree with you sabrescene. I’m surprised MORE people weren’t shot. What was up with the police letting people in?

    • I agree with it: protesting.
      I disagree with it: rioting.

      Try it out tor yourself!
      Doesn’t matter how much property is destroyed, people put out of work and individuals hurt or killed, it always comes back to those two points.

      • Funny how when it was burning down buildings ( sometimes with people still inside ), looting innocent businesses, killing people, assaulting people in public and inside their own homes for not getting on their knees and supporting the cause among other things, it was called “Peaceful protesting”

        But some trump supporters strom DC and it’s suddenly the media changes its tune.

        Almost as if it’s a a double standard and there is different levels of acceptable protesting depending on your political affiliation.

        • There’s no changing of tune, no one supported the violence from last year, people simply understood the anger behind it after repeated incidents of racial injustice and flat-out murder from police officers across the country.

          In comparison, today’s violence was caused by an outgoing president who’s crying about losing the election and stirring up his cult without a shred of evidence.

          • I’m sorry, did you completely ignore how the US liberal media at large covered the riots?

            From flat out ignoring aspects to full on justifying horrific things.

            There has been a complete change of tune. Do I need to show how the US liberal media portrayed the trump voters protesting lockdowns in the early stages of covid?

            They actually protested peacefully but the US media painted them as violent protestors.

            There is a double standard, you are ignoring it to suit your partisan views.

        • You’re conflating the coverage of the riots with the coverage of the protests.
          It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you’re getting your news from, anyone pushing only one narrative or the other is a pos.

          • That’s my point. The current riots and the previous ones were both bad. I find both of them abhorrent

            I however find the hypocritical coverage from the media also abhorrent. They share some blame for current events.

        • The first thing the media did when the Minneapolis protests started was film two buildings burning, put that up repeatedly and act like it was the whole city on fire.
          The only time they started talking about how bad things were was when the cops started attacking journalists.
          This obsession with the idea that massive corporate outlets run by old white guys could ever be ‘liberal’ is absurd.
          Frank Zappa once said something similar back in the Reagan era.

          • See unlike you, I know someone personally who lives near Minneapolis and was on the ground reporting on what was happening during that riot.

            Unlike you I have video footage of it being more than just 2 buildings burning

            Sit down.

          • In other words, a video clip went around 4Chan and suddenly you’re an expert.

            Meanwhile public records show that actually the damage was minimal.

            Ho hum, sit down.

          • @burnside

            In other words, you grabbed a calculator and pressed some numbers

            According to for instance

            Although, adjusting for inflation, it goes from being the most expensive to the 2nd most expensive, if taking the (trigger warning) conservative value.

            Also, this only calculates the “insured” loss. So one can safely assume the damages exceeded that amount.

            Perhaps you should sit down

        • Because you are living in this fantasy where you ignore the larger picture and history of why those protests happened, and why they escalated. While also being very desperate to constantly sell this idea that they were ALL burning and looting, yet very few of them were like that. And the ones that were had reasons why they got worse.

          Also the BLM protests were about a SOCIAL issue, what happened yesterday was not about a social issue but a highly politically minded event that was about trying to overthrow an act of democracy and spreading terror to all those who didnt agree with who they voted for.

          Chalk and cheese. If you want to talk about double standards why was there little police, security or military presence as an ARMED gang trying to threaten the government and commit sedition. Yet if the people doing it were black we all know and have seen (even in truly peaceful protests in the last few months) there would have been more of all those things.

          So spare me this idea of you caring about double standards.

          • Why do you believe he isn’t?
            Honestly it’s really weird how you and Burnsi- I mean, Worrito obsess over that detail about djbear.

            The fact that you find it inconceivable that someone you disagree with online might vote the same way as you is pretty telling of your “us vs them” mindset.

            Try finding some common ground instead. Here’s an easy one: ask what he voted for in the gay marriage referendum.

          • I’m a cheerful swing voter and there’s definitely a double standard in America’s reporting on what have always been riots. If they like the group, it’s a peaceful protest. If they don’t like the group, it’s a riot. It says a lot more about the media itself than the people pointing out that there’s a deficiency in reporting.

          • Have you actually been to a labor AGM angora? Better yet have you ever been to a union meeting? Spend some time with some actual working-class labor voters?

            You should go to one, Youll find out pretty quickly the left in Australia isn’t just greens lite.

            You seem deluded.

          • @john_stalvern perhaps it has something to do with djbear’s constant, content-free, one-line sniping, and I’ll admit that I do get a feeling of satisfaction from pointing out hypocrisy.

            @djbear There are a hell of a lot of assumptions all rolled up in there mate. But look, I do get it. There is indeed a Joel Fitzgibbon wing of the ALP, and it’s an easy jump from there down the Mark Latham route via the Liberal Democrats to One Nation, so you’re not even the first to make that particular trip.

          • Well there you go, another thing you have in common. But then I guess everyone enjoys pointing out hypocrisy.
            I won’t deny that he does seem to enjoy stirring you up when the opportunity rises, but you do seem to raise to the bait a lot.

          • Wow, this is what you’ve been hyping as your ace in the sleeve silver bullet gotcha Twitter account for months now? I mean I can see why it might make you clutch your pearls but it’s nothing egregious.

            Bonus points for trying to use off-site material against someone though. I’m sure that’s a tactic Alex would approve of.

        • Because any functional adult can understand there is vast differences between the two events and only people who think in exceptionally narrow views would try to force a comparison between the two. It is nothing to do with a ‘narrative’ being changed, but the fact that life and social and political issues are extremely complicated.

          • I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t care in the slightest about the crap happening in America with their Congress. None them do anything productive for their country anyway, regardless of the party. Feels like the general rioting over the year did far more damage to the average person.

  • Regardless of sharing, agreeing, disagreeing, dismissing or just discussing conspiracy theories; saying people should be able to chose what they have injected into themselves is a radical statement now?
    Only on Twitch.

  • Twitter is a private company and they can censor whoever the fuck they want. If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere.

  • People being shot while doing illegal shit aren’t victims or ‘peaceful protestors’.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Man I use to love this guy, I was a big fan of excellent adventures.

    Seeing him start posting wild anti mask and anti vax conspiracy theories and refusing to engage with anyone calling him out has been really sad.

    • Good grief. There is a huge difference. Maybe if you are unsure of why contemplate why the BLM protests which were all about SOCIAL ISSUES became so huge. Their origins, their repercussions and the extremely long history that led to that point… compared to… an armed mass of people looking to undermine democratic processes and creating terror based on their POLITICAL beliefs.

      Burning and looting is never good, but they are exceptionally worse when their goal is sedition.

      • Burning and looting is burning and looting no matter your reasoning, goals, or groups/beliefs you support.

        It’s either all equally bad or none of it is… You don’t get to pick and choose just because one group of looters burning down buildings happened to be fighting for a cause you agree with.

        Which is ABSOLUTELY what you are doing here with comments like that, so it is a double standard.

        That shit is like being supportive of some murderers just because they believe some of the same things you do.

  • It’s almost like the Alt-Reich bootlickers here think ‘sedition’ is the same thing as ‘protesting’.


    Thing about the BLM protests, is they were about a real thing, which is generations of very, very obvious large scale systemic racism.

    The assault on the capitol building was an attack on government based on complete and utter bullshit.

    So that means either you chuds actually think ElECtIoN WuZ StOLEn and you’re equating that with protesting oppression and murder, or you know perfectly well that it wasn’t a ‘protest’ at all and there’s no electoral crisis and you’re just saying this shit because *checks notes* you’re a bunch of shitty little bigots.

    But I’ve got a crisp $100 that none of you have the balls to address that and instead simply attack me because, well, none of you have the balls.

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