Ubisoft Massive Is Making An Open World Star Wars Game

Ubisoft Massive Is Making An Open World Star Wars Game
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Ubisoft is partnering with the the newly launched Lucasfilm Games to make an open world game based in the Star Wars universe, Wired reports. This apparently signals the end of EA’s previous exclusivity deal regarding the development of Star Wars video games.

Ubisoft Massive, the studio behind The Division, will be leading development on the new Star Wars adventure with Julian Gerighty, who oversaw The Division 2 and The Crew, as creative director. Wired also reports that the game will make use of Ubisoft Massive’s Snowdrop engine (the same one used for The Division 2), but said Lucasfilm Games hasn’t yet revealed when and where in the Star Wars universe the game will take place.

EA had previously snagged an exclusive deal to develop Star Wars games back in 2013 shortly after Disney purchased Lucasfilm. It now appears the terms of that deal have expired, or changed. According to Wired’s report, EA will still continue to develop Star Wars games, but Lucasfilm Games, a new gaming label rolled out earlier this week, will be overseeing the production of other Star Wars games as well. Yesterday, Lucasfilm Games also announced a collaboration with Bethesda’s Machine Games to make a new Indiana Jones game.

Prior to Disney shutting down the original LucasArts, it had been working on a number of new Star Wars games including Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault.


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      I’m not sure if I should be dreading this announcement since it’s The Division team doing it or excitement that they’re at least taking a crack at it.

    • You’re saying you loved Grogu but you’d prefer it if he was a bland white guy? Secret Jedi Apprentice that changes lightsaber colour depending on if you kill or save certain NPCs it is!

  • Still would be 4-5 years of development unless they are already deep into early production.

    Fastest way would be to asset flip an existing engine.

    Sith Creed: Crimson Dawn (A Maul apprentice taking out criminal crime bosses on Nar Shadaa)

    Mandalorian Recon: Outer Rims

    Jedi Watch Dogs (WDL already has droids and mind powers)

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing a return or re-imagining of the Dark Forces franchise, bringing back Kyle Katarn and really lean into the Light, Neutral and Dark side possibilities with it. You could get that scrappy feel of a Bounty Hunter/Rebel Alliance style game and then bring in the lightsaber and force powers one or two acts in unlocking a a second skill system in the process.

    • Dark Forces was great but I honestly don’t think we’ll ever see Katarn again. Rogue One basically stole his original story and the sequels killed off his academy days/relationship with Luke.
      I guess they could still re-use the Jedi Knight/Outcast storyline with the Valley of the Jedi or just re-imagine him like you said but while someone like Thrawn was able to be brought back in a totally new story, I think that’s mostly because Thrawn was/is still a very unique character in Star Wars. A lot of what made Kyle great has been seeded into other Disney characters over time like Kanan.

      • It’s definitely very likely that he’s been consigned to he trash heap, hope at the very least they release the first two on the switch.

        Looking at the job listings and what they’ve said (wanting to work with original characters etc) sounds like it’s more likely we’ll get an action adventure RPG/KOTOR mash-up. Not sure if thats what the core fans would want but it would probably sell well.

  • In terms of Ubisoft – I’m very much not keen for a live service and all the shit MTX they’re gonna add in like every other game. Obviously BF2 caught a lot of attention, but hopefully Disney step in and say not MTX (and I hate what Disney has done with SW – I hope outside of MTX banning, they keep their hands off the games)

    Outside of Ubisoft. I really want a Force Unleashed 3 and Republic Commando remake/sequel

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