Here’s A Great Deal On A WD Black SSD That Can Match The PS5

Here’s A Great Deal On A WD Black SSD That Can Match The PS5
Image: Western Digital
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Buying parts for your gaming PC can sometimes be a game of chicken. Do you buy that part you need at full price, or do you sit back and wait for it to hopefully go on sale? Well, if you’ve been waiting for a great bargain on an internal SSD, now is your time to strike.

Western Digital’s WD Black SN850 1TB NVMe M.2 Internal SSD is currently available for $306.19, which is around $50 cheaper than the closest price offered by Australian retailers. The 2TB version of the SN850 is also on sale for $654.64, which is just over $80 cheaper than Australian prices.

The only catch is that this deal is available from Amazon’s UK branch, so you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for your fancy new SSD to arrive.

As far as internal SSDs go, Western Digital’s WD Black line is pretty reliable and a great choice if you’re building or upgrading a mid-level rig. The SN850 is one of the best PCIe Gen 4 SSDs that you can buy, with some absurdly good read/write speeds of up to 7000/5300MB. Their price tags may seem a bit steep, but they’re worth every dollar.

These aren’t the only Western Digital SSDs that you can pick up for a nice bargain. The 2TB version of the WD Black P50 2TB Game Drive SSD is going for $604.47, and the 1TB P50 is selling for $290.94. The P50 is optimised for gaming and has reading. Both of these external SSDs are great options if you’re looking for something to store your PS4 games on when transferring them to your PS5.

You can also get the WD Black P10 5TB Gaming Drive HDD for $180.26. That’s not too bad of a deal, but while the P10 has a lot of storage for the price, its reading speeds max out at around 140MB/s. Still, it’s a decent external SSD if you’re after an affordable option.


  • The PS5 SSD is so far because they use disk compression, that workload apparently has a chip to help it along somewhere.

    Normal disk compression with a normal PC generally results in slow downs due to the compression/decompression process needing to run through all the wires and to the CPU to do the workload.. (which is being used by OS and Games etc)

  • “ You can also get the WD Black P10 5TB Gaming Drive SSD for $180.26”

    That’s not an SSD. Would be amazing value if it was.

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