Welcome To PHOGS, A Game About Two Dogs Stuck Together

Welcome To PHOGS, A Game About Two Dogs Stuck Together
Image: PHOGS

When we were discussing what we should cover for our weekly stream, Leah asked me a simple question: “Have you heard of PHOGS?

PHOGS, game available on Xbox Game Pass (for console) and PC through Steam, is a co-op adventure featuring a pair of dogs. Stuck together. It reminds me a lot of Push Me Pull You, and there’s a ton of bright, neon pastel colours that’s reminiscent of games like Fall Guys or Cake Bash.

It launched towards the end of last year to little fanfare, but it’s been well rated on Steam. The game’s playable solo, too, with one stick controlling one side of your phog and the right stick controlling the other.

But we’ll be enjoying it in all its co-op glory. Because this is a console-only thing for Xbox Game Pass, I’ll also be streaming from the Xbox Series S,

We’ll be playing from 2:30pm-3:30pm AEDT today. You can can jump on board via our official Twitch channel. Follow that below or follow directly here.

You can join our Aussie Discord server as well. We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Lot of chill, funny folk in there.

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