What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Virtuaverse
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With not much in terms of major releases out, it’s always a great time to look at the dumb, the quirky and the unusual.

As Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t got its major January patch yet, I’ve been looking elsewhere to scratch the weirder cyberpunk itch that I’ve had for a little while. The Red Strings Club was one of my favourite games a few years ago, and while Cloudpunk was good fun for parts of 2020, it didn’t completely fill the void.

One game that’s been sitting in my Steam wishlist has been Virtuaverse, a stunning love letter to point-and-click adventures that’s supposedly got quite the challenge. It doesn’t have the best reviews, but I like the trappings of exploring a universe that has a Ghost in the Shell-style constantly integrated reality. Not the freshest trope, but still fun if done well.

Beyond that, I want to keep renovating my home office setup. I’ve worked on the desk part, and now I just need to research monitor stands and work out what the best solution for those would be. I don’t need anything particularly extreme, but something that would accommodate a triple monitor setup with one display in portrait mode for writing would be excellent.

Outside of that, I’ll also be spending a bit of time with [REDACTED]. You know the drill.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Hopefully finishing off Cyberpunk since my annual month of vacation ends today, and I’m back to work on Monday.

    Which should be really fun with a hyperkinetic kitten in my living space.

    • Or something more recent, with a nostalgic twist, theres the excellent Shadowrun RPGs that came out a few years back. Can’t speak for Hong Kong, but the first and Dragonfire were great.

  • I am tempted to buy Cyberpunk now at 1/2 price whilst its a hot mess and not install it yet untill mid January as I anticipate the price might rise again once the big miracle patches roll in.

  • Surely you can at least tell us what you’re playing, @Alex Walker?

    For mine, given Hitman 2 unlockables will carry over to Hitman 3, I’ll be having a crack at some mastery levels.

  • For anyone still looking for a PS5 – JB stores are taking in-store pre-orders right now. Opened up a few hours ago (15th Jan). Most stores seem to have been allocated around 25 units. Recommend calling first.

  • as has been the case for the past year and a half. borderlands 3. moze torgue only build has found its way easily through base game and dlc1 but is now suddenly having issues on dlc2 due to lack of good shock weapons.

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