What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Fallout: The Board Game
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The weekend is a perfect time to reconnect, recouperate and rediscover. In my case, that involves rediscovering some board games and food.

I’m not 100 per cent on what the board game element is going to be, although there’s a few on my radar. Firstly, my partner have been non-ironically talking about getting a game of Test Cricket going. I think being completely shitfaced is a requirement for that — co-op Cricket 19 is pretty good, so a board game version of actual cricket really needs an extra element to proceedings.

But as for games that less cricket loving folk are more likely to enjoy, there’s Smartphone Inc. It’s basically an economic and influence simulator where you run a smartphone company, battling with others over the price of products, research, acquisition and market placement.

I’ve also really wanted to play Dune. I’m sure planning grand spice heists and battles over some homemade currywurst — it’s super easy to make, and super tasty given Australia’s access to meat, and really good sausages in just about every town butcher — will be great.

Beyond that, I’m still researching for upgrades to my home office space. I’m looking for some good multi-monitor (or multiple single-monitor) arms for my desk, so I can get rid of the stands and rotate everything really nicely.

But what about yourselves — what are you playing this weekend?


  • Have a look at the monitor stands at 4cabling (not associated). I recently bought three new monitors and mounted them stacked and one portrait. They are great quality, strong and stable build, without any plastic aspects or garish branded (thinking of the cheap Bayou ones that are popular off Amazon). There are other retailers that have these ones from 4cabling, so you might find something more convenient for you. Worth the cost.

    I’m hoping to continue my play through of Control on XBoneX XGP, about halfway through. I’m planning to start The Outer Worlds on PC XGP using a 2060 lappy. But 24hrs of work this weekend and might want to use downtime to sort of life stuff.

    • Oh, my other recommendation. Only get single arm mounts, not multi arm. Multi arm greatly reduce the range of movement of each respective arm, and positioning and repositioning monitors can get frustrating. It’s very satisfying having a monitor 100% free-floating and adjustable in space.

    • +1 for 4cabling. Great company to deal with. I just bought a 2 monitor stand from them so I could stack two monitors and LOVE it. It’s the “4Cabling Ergonomic Desk Mount Double Monitor Bracket” – wasn’t sure if I should link it or not.

      Also not affiliated, just throwing in my experience 🙂

    • That takes me back.
      There’s a lot of hate for Dead Island and, to be honest, most of it is justified buuuut if you have the chance to run through it with 1 (3 is even better) friend/s then it’s well worth the time. An absolute riot of a time.

  • Cyberpunk baby! Finally fixed the issue that was stopping me playing and picked it up. Looking forward to starting it up and sinking some serious hours into it over the hot weekend.

    Having a hard time deciding what background I’ll go, hopefully the intro for it will be a decent length and build up for mid and late game.

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