What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Netflix (Queen's Gambit)

It didn’t happen immediately after watching Queen’s Gambit, but lately I’ve been enjoying a metric ton of chess.

Blitz matches of chess might actually be one of the best mobile games you can play. You can fit in several games while watching a TV show in the background, or commuting to work. A simple 3 minute (or 3|2, which is a 3 minute game that gives you 2 seconds extra time per move) match fits in perfectly while you’re making a cup of coffee.

So over the weekend, I’ll be likely messing around with a bit more of that. It also helps that I have a competitive streak and I’m spectacularly awful at chess. Like, literally “why the FUCK did I just move my Queen into harm’s way with no advantage whatsoever WTF am I doing” level of bad.

But hey, it’s fun all the same.

Besides that, I’ll be seeing a bunch of friends and just enjoying their company. There were a few plans and catch ups that got disrupted over the holiday break, so it’ll be nice to unwind with all of that. There’s a good chance some Jackbox games might get broken out, as they’re always good fun. (Speaking of which, someone brought Republic of Jungle to my attention recently, a new game that uses Jackbox-style technology where you use your phone. A demo will go live on Steam next week, so I’m keen to see how it plays.)

What are you playing this weekend?


  • For the first time in a long time… I’m not sure?

    Probably some Phasmaphobia with the fam. See if I can work myself up to trying the RE Re:Verse closed beta.

    Been poking at Bloodnet which… I’m glad I’m not playing it on the system that I had back when it first came out. XD Games from back then really are rough!

    Got a lot of new things to poke at, but also many birthday party things.

  • Thinking of chess, have you tried 5D Chess? I watched a streamer playing that a couple weeks ago and it broke my brain, but also looked really intriguing.

    It’s like… you can time-travel any piece on your board into a new dimension that splits off from your primary timeline, but the catch is that you have to protect your king in ALL time-lines/dimensions.

    It’s fascinating.

    • I picked up 5D chess purely to play the puzzles (although it’s technically 4D chess – two spatial dimensions and two temporal dimensions – but it’s still brain-melting). Most puzzles that require more than one move are a nightmare; I can’t imagine how confusing playing a full game of it would be…

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