You Can Buy A 400KG Box Of PlayStation Consoles

You Can Buy A 400KG Box Of PlayStation Consoles
I know the box says 448 kg, but that's including the weight of the palette. (Photo: Goodwill)
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What an age we live in. PlayStation consoles, by the pound.

From time to time, Goodwill will clear out excess stock online in bulk, and here are two very big examples of that. First, a “GAYLORD OF VARIOUS PLAYSTATION CONSOLES” (as a non-American, I had to google that one, it means a very big, strong cardboard box), containing 414 kg of PlayStation 2s, 3s and 4s (that I can see anyway, who knows what lurks beneath).

Photo: Goodwill Photo: Goodwill

These haven’t been tested, or cleaned, so who knows how many of those 414 kg are made up of dirt and dead roaches.

Photo: Goodwill Photo: Goodwill

If a console graveyard isn’t for you, how about a “GAYLORD OF CORDS, CABLES, CONTROLLERS FOR GAMES”, which is 274 kg of all kinds of shit, and looks less like a bulk purchase and more like my video game collection every time I move house.

Both boxes are currently up for auction, the PlayStation consoles asking for a minimum bid of $US800 ($1,033), the controllers $US650 ($839).


  • I use to fix these things, technically I still could as I have the equipment. But even a modded fixed up ps3 would still be hard to sell for much more then $50.. and the labor costs/time to repair being much higher.

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