After Anthem’s Failure, Dragon Age 4 Will Reportedly Be Single-Player Only

After Anthem’s Failure, Dragon Age 4 Will Reportedly Be Single-Player Only
Concept art for the latest Dragon Age game. (Image: BioWare)

We praise dancing in the Chantry y’all! According to a report from Bloomberg, EA is allowing BioWare to ditch “all multiplayer components” originally planned for the latest game in the Dragon Age series.

EA is a company known for its dogged insistence on adding multiplayer and microtransactions to every one of its games, pushing its products toward the often-controversial “games-as-a-service” model whenever possible. But the massive publisher is backtracking on its famously unpopular stance due to the success of the single-player only Jedi Fallen Order alongside the devastating failure of its high-budget, recently mercy-killed service game Anthem.

2015’s Dragon Age: Inquisition did feature a boring co-op multiplayer mode that seemed completely antithetical to the game’s origins (heh) as a single-player, story-focused experience. In 2012, some fans complained about multiplayer being added to Mass Effect 3 because it made playing with others the only way to increase your “galactic readiness” stat, an important factor in achieving the game’s best ending.

According to sources at BioWare, the latest Dragon Age game “had previously been designed with a heavy multiplayer component” but has since turned into a “single-player only game.”

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  • You didn’t *need* to play the multiplayer in ME3 for the best ending, it was just faster. It just meant that instead of playing multi, you kept churning through sending out teams on the Galaxy map, preferrably through the App.

    You guys do have phones, right? (I kid. I did it on a tablet)

  • Oh thank fuck for that. Even though I have no doubt this sets them back a significant amount, redesigning everything that had a multiplayer consideration (or at least, they fucking better), it should result in a much stronger game.

  • Oh thank goodness. I actually stopped being interested in DA4 because frankly I didn’t trust EA not to monetise it to hell and back as a live service

    • They still could. Cliffhanger ending only to be resolved after 4 paid DLCs.

      “-but Solus, I just think it’s funny that …” TO BE CONCLUDED IN: “EVERYBODY LOVES SOLUS” DLC. Out holidays, 2030.

  • And nothing of value was lost.

    I’m sorry for the Bioware people who were working on the multiplayer; I hope they can be redeployed to other bits of the game. But the increased focus on the single player experience can only be a good thing.

  • Why the games system of exploring with 4 characters could be done in multiplayer, I do not trust them to do it right.

    That is to make it the exact same single-player story and just having others control other NPC’s.

    Most companies can’t resist the urge to break the game around coop, thus significantly diluting the single player experience (ie. fallout 76).

    • Co-op (especially Split screen) is so much better than plain MP imo. Idc if it breaks the game or they just play as a duplicate of the main character or its unrealistic. I just want to play with my friends (preferably splitscreen. Please bring back more splitscreen)

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