Here’s Unlimited NBN 1000 For $119 A Month

Here’s Unlimited NBN 1000 For $119 A Month
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Aussie Broadband have quickly become one of the most popular ISPs among gamers, thanks to reliably good speeds, Australian call centres and their god-tier MyAussie app. And after some other ISPs began February with some killer deals, Aussie Broadband has gone one step further.

After silently upgrading their evening speeds for all their NBN plans — 99Mbps typical evening speeds for their NBN 100 plans and 248Mbps for 250/25 customers — Aussie Broadband has a new landing page called “Freakin’ Fast Internet”.

It’s advertising a cuts to Aussie’s unlimited NBN 100/40, 250/25 and 1000/50 offerings, bringing the cost of each plan down to $89/month, $99/month and $119/month respectively.

In a nice change of pace, the deals aren’t just for new customers but existing Aussie Broadband members as well. And there’s no difference in the pricing, although the NBN 100/40 plan isn’t currently listed on Aussie Broadband’s Freakin Fast’ portal for new customers — only the 100/20, 250/25 and 1000/50 offers.

According to the terms and conditions, however, you’ll need to have been an Aussie Broadband member for “at least three months prior to the upgrade”. If you’re an existing customer, the deals you can get are: NBN 100/40 for $89/month, NBN 250/25 for $99/month, and NBN 1000/50 for $119/month.

As with most NBN plans, the plans will all rise back to their original price after 6 months. To get the deals, you’ll need to enter the FAST10, FAST20 or FAST30 at checkout. (FAST10 is for the NBN 100/20 deal, FAST20 is for NBN 100/40, and FAST30 is for the NBN 250 and 1000 offers.)

Unlike the Superloop deals earlier in this week, Aussie Broadband’s 1000/50 offering is purely unlimited. And the NBN 250 deal is solid, if your NBN connection supports it.

To investigate the new deals, navigate over to the Aussie Broadband page for new customers here and for existing customers here. And if you want to compare the current state of NBN 1000 offerings, we’ve got a widget below breaking down all the best NBN 1000 offerings:

And here’s the best NBN 250 offers going around. (Note that Aussie Broadband’s results aren’t showing up in the widgets currently, as they’re pretty fresh, so just compare them against the screenshots above.)


  • It’s more of a nbnco change. Existing customers on 1000 plans have to downgrade for 3 months then go back to 1000 in order to qualify

  • If you’re an existing customer, you can’t upgrade until you get an email saying so. I had a chat to customer service about it. Then you’ll be able to fix up your plan and pricing. Don’t try and make any changes now to your account, as you’ll mess up the 3 months of plan loyalty they want.

  • I find it hilarious that they stranglehold upload speeds still. We need more content creation and streaming in Australia, but these joke of a upload speeds ensure that will never happen!

  • I don’t think it’s clearly mentioned here or on the Aussie Broadband website, but this deal only applies if you upgrade your current plan to a higher speed.

    i.e. I’m already on 250/25 and can’t go higher on my current connection, so I’m not eligible to get the discounted pricing 🙁

    I rang Aussie to check and this is what they told me.

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