Black Myth: Wukong Is Back And Holy F**k Does It Look Good

Black Myth: Wukong Is Back And Holy F**k Does It Look Good

Remember that crazy kick-arse martial arts game from a Chinese studio last year? Well, Black Myth: Wukong is back with a bit more footage. And, yeah, obviously it looks sick.

Firstly, let’s remind everyone: don’t expect Black Myth: Wu Kong until 2023. That’s the target date developers Game Science gave to IGN China, although as is customary with game development that’s always subject to change.

Secondly, the footage below comes with a specific warning. “This video is specially produced for celebrating the Year of the Ox, it does not represent actual plot,” the trailer says at the end.

OK, that’s fair enough. But even without any story details or particulars, a lot of the excellent elements in Wukong’s first video are here in spades. The environments — mostly desert ones this time around — look absolutely fantastic.

The animations are just killer, and the main character has some really neat transitions into different characters. (Don’t forget, there’s actually three monkeys in Wukong, so we don’t know which one is the real Monkey King yet.)

I’m betting for a lot of people, if they never clicked with a Souls-esque title before, this might be the one to get them on board.

I know we’ve had plenty of lessons in the past about not getting too excited for new video games. But, honestly, I think it’s good to be excited and passionate rather than just being permanently jaded and cynical. And it’s hard not to be excited about the potential of some of the AAA projects coming out of China.

Besides, a top-tier game based on Journey to the West has always been a great idea. And it’s an even better idea that an indie Chinese studio is not just having a crack at it, but everyone seems so universally thrilled for them.

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