Destruction AllStars, Originally Planned As A $90 Game, Will Sell For $25

Destruction AllStars, Originally Planned As A $90 Game, Will Sell For $25

Destruction AllStars, the PlayStation 5-exclusive derby game, will soon sell for $25, developer Lucid Games announced today — a $60 price drop from the game’s original sticker price of $90.

Last September, during a digital showcase, Sony announced that some PS5 games would cost $90+, a notable increase over the long-standard price point of $70. One of those games, Destruction AllStars, was initially planned as a PS5 launch title but was pushed back by three months in October. In February, it became available to PS Plus members at no extra cost. Unlike most “free” PS Plus games, it would stay that way for two months, rather than one.

Once the two-month PS Plus period wraps up on April 6, Destruction AllStars will sell for $25.

[referenced id=”1203761″ url=”” thumb=”×169.jpg” title=”Destruction AllStars, A New PS5 Exclusive, Is Fine” excerpt=”You’ve played Destruction AllStars a thousand times. You’ve also never played something like Destruction AllStars. The new multiplayer derby battler from Lucid Games — out today exclusively for PlayStation 5 — is both immediately familiar and refreshingly new. After taking it for a spin, my initial feelings for the game…”]

Destruction AllStars was plagued with some issues at launch, most notably that party chat was turned on by default, with no in-game options to turn it off. Beyond that, the voice chat was relayed through that diminutive speaker on the face of PS5 controllers. (I know. Criminal.) An early hotfix addressed the issue, allowing players the option of shutting other players up.

Purely on gameplay merits, Destruction AllStars is pretty fun in bursts, and feels a bit like other online games that experienced popularity boosts from moments of zero-dollar sticker prices. (See: Fall Guys, Rocket League.) It also offers microtransactions.

I, for one, would not be surprised if, like Rocket League before it, the game’s $25 price tag plummets down to $0 at some point in the future.

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