Diablo II Remaster Coming To All Major Platforms In 2021

Diablo II Remaster Coming To All Major Platforms In 2021
Screenshot: Blizzard

Blizzard kicked off BlizzConline (a portmanteau I whole-heartedly protest) with the announcement everyone has been waiting for: remasters Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction expansion are coming this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, all of which will support cross-progression with the others.

In terms of gameplay, Diablo II: Resurrected is apparently the same as the 2000 original, only with upgraded Diablo III-style graphics that can be swapped out for classic aesthetics on the fly. The original cinematics have also been remade to fit with the new visuals. Quality of life improvements include a shared stash that can be accessed by every character you create.

Diablo II: Resurrected is being handled by Blizzard’s Team 3 — the same group working on the upcoming Diablo IV — after being shifted away from the folks responsible for the widely criticised Warcraft III remaster. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 developer Vicarious Visions is reportedly providing support after being absorbed by Blizzard last month.

More Diablo II: Resurrected details are expected during a follow-up presentation later today.

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