Do Not Touch The Mako!

Do Not Touch The Mako!
This is the ideal Mako. You may not understand it, but this is what perfection looks like. (Screenshot: BioWare)

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be out May 14th, and amid the myriad of emotions I am feeling right now, one tidbit of information gives me pause. According to reports on Eurogamer and VentureBeat, in addition to all the fancy graphical bells and whistles BioWare is adding to the eldest of the trilogy, the Mako — Commander Shepard’s faithful, stalwart, six-wheeled steed, is also getting an overhaul of improved handling and camera control.

I am here, come upon my hill to die, to tell you this: DO NOT FIX THE MAKO!

Some of my fondest memories playing the original Mass Effect are when I would grab Garrus and Tali and go off-roading on some empty backwater planet, jumping gorges and clipping into mountainsides. Maybe I’d run into a random thresher maw to cheese with the Mako’s fuck-off huge canon, or maybe I’d ramp off a slope just right so that I would spiral through the air like a football. Yes, the controls suck, but that’s what makes it fun. The Mako is good. The Mako is fun. The Mako is an unwieldy, piece-of-shit tank that can somehow ascend a 90-degree slope, and I LOVE IT.

Do not ruin the Mako’s purity with such notions of “improvement.” It’s perfect the way it is.



  • I actually don’t mind the Mako driving controls that much. It’s a little floaty but somehow I’ve always associated that with the reduced gravity and friction in most of these space environments rather than just complaining about it being bad. The main issue was the invisible walls and slope restrictions they put in to stop you driving all over the entire map.

    The main turret feedback could do with a bit more oomph though. Always felt there should be a bit more recoil reverberating through the whole vehicle.

  • The Mako isn’t very fun for me, but I don’t care that much if they did or didn’t change how it drove…. I would however BEG them to make the bases on the Mako missions different. As I recall they are ALL the same H shaped building over and over and over

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