Domino’s New Chicken Wings Deliver The Perfect Pizza Combo

Domino’s New Chicken Wings Deliver The Perfect Pizza Combo
Image: Kotaku Australia

There’s certain pairings in life that are perfect. The beach and a nice, sunny day. Hamburgers and chips. Me and my favourite floral shirt. But a killer combo far less talked about is chicken wings and pizza. Sure, you could argue pizza is already wedded to garlic bread — but I was raised to question the institutions we’re living in. I say chicken wings and pizza could absolutely find true love together. With the latest Domino’s chicken wing range, they’re already well on their way to a happy and loving marriage.

The pack sent over by Domino’s contained the new Hickory BBQ, Garlic Parmesan Aioli and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce chicken wings. Each had their own merits, but let’s break them down and rank them by flavour.

chicken wings domino's
Image: Kotaku Australia

1. Hickory BBQ

This was my favourite sauce of the bunch. It had a nice, smoky flavour that didn’t feel overwhelming and there was plenty of sauce to lick after. Whatever BBQ sauce is on these is absolutely fab and struck an excellent balance between sweet and savoury. Give me these wings any day of the week.

2. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Okay, so this mini wing review needs to be prefaced with a disclaimer: the ‘hot sauce’ here is white people spicy, rather than being a mouth-burning flavour. It’s just got a tiny zing (which was great for me) but if you’re looking for something genuinely spicy, you won’t find it here. Instead, you get a lovely sweet-and-sour style flavour with a hint of chilli just creeping into the aftertaste. Very pleasant overall!

3. Garlic Parmesan Aioli

I was less enamoured by this flavour, mostly because it wasn’t strong enough to be remarkable. The garlic was the overwhelming flavour here, and while it was nice there just wasn’t enough of it. Mostly, the wings tasted like chicken and oil. Which is fine, but not the aioli-led dream I was looking for.

domino's chicken wings
The winner! (Image: Kotaku Australia)

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The wings weren’t as greasy as I expected and the sauces were solid. Hickory BBQ was the clear standout, but all the wings were delish. Some were quite fatty with thick skin, but the majority were tasty and filled with meat. The sauce also more than made up for the less substantial wings.

If you’re heading out to grab a pizza and you’re looking for a companion side, chicken wings are a great option. While you’ll want to moderate your intake, they’re delicious enough that you probably won’t care.

Domino’s has me convinced: it’s time for garlic bread and pizza to break up. Chicken wings are the brand new thing. Next time you’re looking for the perfect dinner snack, ditch the garlic bread and pick up a wing.

You can find out more about the new Domino’s range over at its website.


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