Dril Wants Your Money To Finish Some Game

Dril Wants Your Money To Finish Some Game

Dril, the famous online shitposter, philosopher, TV star, and Betsy Ross museum volunteer, is making a video game and is asking for some cash via Patreon to finish it. According to him, it will probably be, “pretty good.”

Dril announced the game today on Twitter, confirming that the game is only for true and brave gamers. As I’m a true, but not brave gamer, I will not be playing this game. But perhaps you will be lucky enough to play it.

According to a video uploaded by dril, the game is called copgame and is a 2D action-platformer.

Here’s the story for the game, straight from the arsehole’s Patreon page.

“The game follows the quest of a silent protagonist who stumbles upon the gift of immortality in a dangerous future where Top Influencers and corrupt hollywood guys maintain a cruel grip on society. The gameplay places a strong emphasis on employing satisfying, responsive aerobatics to traverse a dozen or so worlds and find a shit load of treasures and secrets.”

According to dril, the idea for making the game came from being trapped inside for the past year due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. “The corona virus pandemic has Fucked us all,” said dril. But he was able to spend his free time working on copgame. Now he plans to hire some folks to help him finish the project, which he says could be done sometime in the mid-2020s.

Go fuck yourself dril. Thank you.

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