Everything Revealed At The Epic Games Store Showcase

Everything Revealed At The Epic Games Store Showcase
Image: Binary Smoke

Epic is getting into the Direct game, as it were. The company held their first “Spring Showcase” livestream earlier this morning, revealing some neat indie titles, Kingdom Hearts on PC and a lot more.

The show was relatively short, running for about 20 minutes, and included a mix on new indie games, upcoming Fortnite content, Magic Legends and more.

Binary Smoke, a game about a cyberpunk revolution, kicked off the show.

Who wants to overthrow the rich? That’s the nuts and bolts of Binary Smoke, which won’t be out until 2022. It’s principally about leading a revolution, but from the trailer there’s a lot of isometric action and platforming elements. It doesn’t look like you’ll attack enemies directly, instead using energy shields to deflect bullets back at armed foes at the right time.

Magic Legends, the Magic: The Gathering Diablo-esque game, goes into open beta next month.

This looks fun. We’ve had an MTG action game before — but in the ’90s, and it was pretty horrible. Magic Legends doesn’t look like it’ll be taking on Path of Exile, but if you want some top-down dungeon bashing action in solo or co-op, this might do the trick.

The open beta will go live on March 23, 2021.

The Kingdom Hearts series is coming to the Epic Games Store.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been on Game Pass, but only for consoles. So PC fans, this’ll be your first chance to enjoy Goofy and co. in their full glory. It’ll be joined by Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory from March 30, 2021.

Finally, Axiom Verge is getting its sequel.

Axiom Verge 2 was announced last year, but the Epic Games Showcase finally confirmed that it’ll be coming to PC as well.

Axiom Verge is still one of the best Metroidvania-style games of the last generation, especially if you grew up with Metroid Prime. The trailer above has a much brighter colour pallete than the original Axiom Verge, so it’ll be interesting to see what hidden tricks the sequel has up its sleeve.

Godfall’s Primal Update launches today.

The update is out on all platforms, not just PC. It adds more end-game content, overhauls to the Tower of Trials, a vendor for trading resources, and more. Full patch notes can be found here.

Rocket League’s Lucky Lanterns event is live.

Like a lot of games, Rocket League has a new in-game event to coincide with the Lunar New Year. It’s out now for all platforms, not just PC.

Rogue Company showed off an upcoming map, Hollows.

epic games showcase
Image: Rogue Company

The developers of Rogue Company showed off parts of their upcoming map, as well as concept art for an upcoming character called Seeker. The map is due out sometime in the Australian autumn.

Core is basically an arcade-style showcase featuring free Unreal Engine games.

epic games showcase
Image: Core

It seems like someone at Epic has been playing RobloxCore is pitched as a “multiverse of free games to play”, but users will also be able publish their own Unreal Engine-powered games to the platform via an in-built interface (rather than having to go through Unreal Engine proper).

Some of the games shown off during the showcase included a Golf With Your Friends-type spinoff, a battle royale, a marbles game, something that looked like a stylised World of Tanks, a co-op PvE game of some sort, and more. It’ll be out sometime in the Australian autumn.

There’s more Warframe content.

As with other live service games, Warframe is doing a ton over the Lunar New Year, including Octavia Prime Access. Call of the Tempestarii is the next major update for Warframe, and it’ll be due out over the next couple of months.

Chivalry 2 launches on June 8.

There’s a Chivalry 2 release date, and it’ll also be getting a closed beta on March 26 to 29. (Add a day for Australian timezones.)

King’s Bounty 2 has been bumped to August.

The modern take on the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise was meant to be out this March. But in a string of new trailers this morning (and the Epic Games Showcase), that date is now August. Update: The developers say the game’s launching on August 24, not just August, which is my fuck up. Sorry team!

That aside, I’m keen to see what King’s Bounty 2 does. It’s taking cues from CD Projekt Red by massively ramping up the RPG and story elements for their sequel, instead of sticking to the HOMM formula that King’s Bounty was based on. You’re still fighting hex turn-based battles, picking up troops for your army as you go along. But there’s also interiors you can explore on foot, like it’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m keen to see how all of that gets paired with the base King’s Bounty loop, but we should know more as we get closer to August. Worth noting too: King’s Bounty 2 isn’t an Epic Games Store exclusive.

And there’s more Oddworld: Soulstorm gameplay.

Oddworld: Soulstorm was announced a little while ago, and the Epic Games Showcase revealed that it’ll be a joint PC and PlayStation release in the Australian autumn. It’s listed as a PS5 game and PS4 game, so I’m keen to see the differences between the platforms.

If you want to check out the entirety of your stream yourself, you can do so via Twitch here.


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