Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion Drops This Spring With A New Healing Class

Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion Drops This Spring With A New Healing Class
Screenshot: Square Enix

During tonight’s Final Fantasy XIV showcase, Square Enix announced its next expansion, Endwalker, for release this spring.

As usual, the update includes a bunch of stuff, the most noteworthy being the enigmatic Sage, the first new healing-focused job since the Astrologian was added to the MMORPG in 2015’s Heavensward expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to jump into the Sage role as soon as Endwalker launches as long as they have raised another job to level 70. Sages wield weapons developed exclusively for Final Fantasy XIV known as “nouliths.”

“We look at the Sage as a barrier-type healer,” Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida explained via translator. “And because we try to make our jobs unique from the other jobs, we’re trying something with the Sage where they’re able to temporarily augment their own magic abilities to make them more powerful.”

Endwalker will also introduce a new melee DPS class, but Square Enix is saving that information for a future Final Fantasy XIV presentation.


  • I really want to enjoy FF14 but the repetitive grindy quests put me off after getting to Level 30+. Heard they removed some of it in the last expansion so may try it a 3rd time with the PS5 release

    • ARR is a huge grind, but they streamlined it a fair bit in recent patches (and also made the game free-to-play up to level 60, which means you can play both ARR and Heavensward for free now).

      Super hype for Endwalker.

  • 2021 is giving me a lot of reasons to finally get off my ass and buy a new computer lol

    looking forward to a new healer class, also the funnel memes have already started

  • “Players who have bought the game in any form will still need a subscription to play, even if they have not completed A Realm Reborn or Heavensward, unfortunately.”

    Obviously people who have bought the game from original release don’t get free access to it. What a way to continue farming money.

  • Yeah, seeing who the main antagonists are definitely have killed much of my interest, since they’re the least interesting part of Shadowbringers. Their story should have stayed ended in Stormblood.

    Not really spoilers since its in the trailer. 😛

    Nice that Best Red Mage Gal finally got her moment in a trailer, and the opening moments of it have a feel of the Warrior of Light & Darkness’ true nature although whether they’ll keep exploring it is another question.

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