Firewatch On Switch Is Hiding An N64-Style Platformer Mini-Game

Firewatch On Switch Is Hiding An N64-Style Platformer Mini-Game
Screenshot: Super Nintendad / YouTube

Firewatch is an incredible game that tells the heart-wrenching tale of a lone fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. If you’ve never played it, it’s a great adventure — and one worth revisiting over and over again. In celebration of the game’s fifth anniversary, developer Campo Santo recently began sharing facts about the development of the game on Twitter, including one fact that stunned its audience: the Switch port of the game is hiding a Nintendo 64-style adventure game called Forrest 64.

This unlockable was previously discovered back in 2018 by YouTuber Super Nintendad but it appears to have mostly slipped under the radar.

Campo Santo revealed the gorgeous-looking easter egg in a tweet which shows off the ‘collectathon’ style gameplay of the mini-game.

It’s not particularly long according to users who’ve discovered it, but it does look like a bunch of fun. In it, you’ll play as a cartoon ranger collecting little fire tokens in a grassy area — a perfect homage to the shortness and sweetness of early 3D platformers.

How to access the ‘Forrest 64’ mini-game

To access the fun easter egg, you’ll need to have finished Firewatch on Nintendo Switch. This unlocks the ‘free roam’ mode where you’ll be able to travel through the entire world map.

According to Reddit user /wowwee_memes, the process you’ll need to follow to access it is:

  • Head to cache 241 on the map
  • Walk towards the cliff and search for a white cache box
  • Enter the code ‘1964’ to open it
  • Take the ‘Forrest 64’ cartridge from inside, head towards the nearby fence and break through the gate
  • Place the cartridge at the feet of the Forrest Byrnes statue

This should activate the mini-game, where you can explore and collect tokens to your heart’s content.

It’s an awesome little easter egg, and one absolutely worth checking out. Even if you’ve already played Firewatch on PC or other consoles, it’s well worth a second playthrough to re-experience the game all over again. It’s a rare gem, and one filled with excellent storytelling and exploration.

If you want more facts and tidbits about the game, Campo Santo is currently sharing more about its creation and anniversary on Twitter.

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