Godzilla: Singular Point’s New Trailer Is All About That Jet Jaguar, Baby

Godzilla: Singular Point’s New Trailer Is All About That Jet Jaguar, Baby

We love ourselves a monster fighting hero robot, and Godzilla’s new anime series is ready to give us that in spades.

Netflix has released another new look at the upcoming Godzilla: Singular Point, Atsushi Takahashi’s reimagining of the Toho Kaiju world with My Hero Academia animation studio Bones as well as Beastars’ Orange. But while big G might be in the name, and while this latest trailer might give us a petrifying glimpse at its re-imagining of classic Kaiju Rodan, it’s more interested in the human side of things… and their loveably lanky Jet Jaguar.

Singular Point follows Mei Kamino (Yume Miyamoto) and Yun Arikawa (Shōya Ishige), a researcher and engineer who are part of a small scientific team tasked with protecting the world from the unprecedented arrival of giant monsters. Naturally, their solution is one steeped in the lore of Toho’s monster universe: Mei and Yun’s team build their very own anti-monster mecha, Jet Jaguar, to help combat the monster threat.

It’s not quite like the Jet Jaguar we’ve seen across a multitude of Kaiju films, which was more in the style of Tokusatsu super robots like Mazinger Z. This one is much more mechanical and grounded, a tall, spindly thing of nuts and bolts with a suitably off faceplate that is both disconcerting and kind of adorable as Yun and the team encourage Jet Jaguar into battle.

Honestly, I do love me some Godzilla, but I’m kind of fine with Singular Point waiting to play its monstrous trump card if it means we get to focus on this Jet Jaguar for a while instead! Godzilla: Singular Point is set to broadcast in Japan this April on Tokyo MX, and will release internationally on Netflix at a currently undisclosed date.