GTA Online Player Pulls Off Amazing Escape

GTA Online Player Pulls Off Amazing Escape

In Grand Theft Auto Online, bad things can happen at any moment. And when these bad moments surprise you, rarely can you get out of them, let allow survive in style. But every now and then, someone gets very lucky.

For example, Reddit user MagicBeans69420 uploaded a short clip of them barely surviving something that probably should have killed them.

In the clip, their car drives up a ramp, hits another car stuck at the top, and begins to spin off the edge. The entire ramp is hundreds of feet above the ground, so falling would be certain death. Magicbeans does the only thing they can do at that moment: they leap out of the car. But they don’t land on the ramp, instead, they land on top of the other car, which is also falling off the ramp now. And yet, they are able to quickly run off the moving car and back onto the stable ramp, surviving the whole ordeal.

Meanwhile, I still fall downhills in GTA Online while just trying to walk slowly.

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