The Internet Reacts To The CD Projekt Red / Cyberpunk 2077 Hack

The Internet Reacts To The CD Projekt Red / Cyberpunk 2077 Hack
Image: CD Projekt Red
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Late Tuesday night, CD Projekt Red announced their enterprise servers had been breached and the hackers had left a ransom note. “Your have been EPICALLY pwned,” the text file read, threatening to release the source code for The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and an unreleased version of The Witcher 3 if the studio didn’t comply.

So, naturally, the internet immediately responded with memes.

The first thing that caught the eye of fans: a Cyberpunk 2077 announcement without the game’s classic bright yellow background. Like the Victorian Premier in a suit after 12pm, it was a true sign that shit was about to go down.

Of course, some people helpfully restored the yellow background themselves:

But beyond that, you can imagine what the instantaneous joke from CD Projekt Red being hacked would be.


Perhaps the most brutal spin on the “hacking game” flex, though? This shot of a Kapersky anti-virus product that was marketed as a Cyberpunk 2077 tie-in. The timing doesn’t help either, at least not in Australia, with today apparently being the “Safer Internet Day” according to the eSafety Commissioner.

Once people were done making the easiest joke, the next port of call was the obvious text message. Who writes pwned these days? And what exactly was the whole point of the exercise? There was an extra level of disgust targeted at replies condoning the hack, with others (rightfully) noting that this doesn’t help make Cyberpunk 2077 a better game, not to mention the misery it causes for the hundreds of individual artists, coders, designers etc. in the middle.




If anything, it’s the individual devs in the middle at the most risk. The hacker note mentioned that files from HR and administration had been acquired, and users wondered how much difficulty that could cause CD Projekt (particularly with their ongoing lawsuits).



Others, rightfully so, noted that as the owners of the GOG platform, people should probably change their passwords before any data gets dumped online.


It’s not the first time CD Projekt has been hacked, of course. Back in 2017 the company warned that early design documents for Cyberpunk 2077 were host to ransom, along with other internal CD Projekt files. The company pledged not to cave into hackers then, saying the files were “unrepresentative” of Cyberpunk 2077‘s current vision.


  • “And what exactly was the whole point of the exercise?”

    It’s obvious they are just after money. They left a ransom note. Whether they are an irate fan because of Cyberpunk’s botched launch isn’t really the point. Maybe they wanted to punish CDPR specifically for it but the number 1 reason still seems to be money.

    • Why would you bother with ransom in this case? They’re not gonna pay him. Then they lose their money AND the source code. How’re they gonna know he actually doesn’t have it anymore. He could still sell it off

  • What will be interesting is who the hacker/s supposed friends in gaming journalism are. Announcing something like that in a ransom note like that would make every journalist think twice before releasing the information.
    The moment any news pops up the lawyers would likely be first to call along with law enforcement to find out who the hacker/s were

      • I know some people have certain feeling about him, but he does actual jouralism work of just speaking to people who work at game studioes. he doesnt go off rumours from the internet like some others.

        With how grayson has been acting in the last couple of months however…….

        • He also has a tendency to laser focus on the conclusion he wants to reach. Hid did after all say objectivity is a bad thing. He has been caught out numerous times making misleading statements in his articles, If not flat out lying.

          Several former and current CDPR employees have called him out for stuff he has said.

          • Agreed. I don’t want this to turn into a Schreier bashing thread, but one of the worst reviews I’ve read on Kotaku was written by him (Xenoblade Chronicles) which wasn’t just misleading, it had flat out wrong information in it.

          • @White_Pointer

            Same with his review of Octopath Traveler. Dude never found the ending because he ignored the sidequests that setup the myth arc then blamed the game for it. Outright false information.

  • My reaction was a pained, long suffering sigh. CDPR are scrubs, but this hacker has got more rabid stupidity going for him in one note than the entire company does.

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