Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Out May 14

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Out May 14
Screenshot: BioWare
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This is big news for all Mass Effect fans but even bigger news for me, personally, as I won’t have to wait long to protect Garrus Vakarian from certain doom. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out on May 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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For those who’ve been sleeping under a chunk of palladium, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is the much-anticipated remastered collection of BioWare’s acclaimed science-fiction trilogy. It’ll include all three games and more than three dozen DLC from the original trilogy. Everything is done up in 4K.

But the Legendary edition is more than just sharpening resolutions. EA’s website has one of those composite image sliders that compares the remaster to the original. In addition to notable visual improvements, the heads-up display in the first game has received an apparent overhaul, with Shepard’s health on the bottom of the screen now, like it is in Mass Effect 2 and 3. According to an interview on VentureBeat, BioWare developers also unified the character creator across all three games, smoothed out the shooting mechanics, and updated those pilloried Mako controls from the first game. And load times have been seriously reduced. Per Eurogamer, loading up the Citadel’s Presidium level takes 14 seconds in Legendary Edition. (Compare that to the 52 seconds it took in the original.)

Anyway, there’s really only one thing that matters: Garrus Vakarian in 4K. See for yourself in the trailer:


  • Between this and Resident Evil: Village, May is shaping up to be a very, very exciting month for me. I aboslutely cannot wait to give the ol’ trilogy enough run.

  • I cannot wait to play this. This trailer has brought up so many emotions I experienced playing through this series. Few games have produced many tears in me, The mass effect series is one of them.

    • The video that Jennifer Hale posted on Twitter after she watched the trailer really brought some emotions. She genuinely seems touched that FemShep got her share of the trailer time, and I feel she really deserves it.

      • Definitely deserved, her work was amazing and the marketing teams sort of let her work down in all the materials released for the original trilogy where at best Shepard was male by default and at worst you wouldn’t even know there was a character creator for a male or female Shepard at all.

  • not going to lie, i’m not sure I wanted them fix the janky horrible mako controls in ME1. it kind of feel like that’s part of the charm of the game

    also faster loading might mean the death of the banter you encountered in the elevator

    • It’s a weird one alright. A lot of the charm of the original is tied into it’s brokenness. As a trilogy I sort of want more consistency between games but at the same time I don’t really want change.

    • Same here. I love the Mako as is.

      I’m also a bit worried those ‘improved’ gameplay mechanics are going to kill part of what makes me love the first ME over the rest.

      I know / knew this was never going to happen, but I’d have loved to see a ME1 mode of gameplay added as an option to 2 and 3 to bring back some of the squad based strategy stuff that was pretty much missing in 2 and 3 while adding an option for a ME2 and 3 gameplay mode to 1.

      Stoked about the unified and improved character creator though, that will be fantastic.

      • That would require more work and when they wont recreate a certain DLC because too much work, you were never getting that.
        And you are also in the minority of someone who prefers the gameplay of the first game, nearly everyone i know sees the first game as a slog in regards to gameplay/mako/loading to get to ME2 where its actually fun.
        I absolutely hated how armor/weapons was in the first game that i cheered when that was removed for ME2.

  • Alas, they probably can’t fix the dirty done to the ME2 characters in ME3. Its weird how they just either wrote out the characters, or turned them into complete asshats and didn’t allow the romances to continue.

  • “EA’s website has one of those composite image sliders”

    Does it? For me the link just seems to go to a page with the announcement trailer and text, no suggestion of what the LE will look like at all.

  • Whilst I’ll buy it and play it, this is almost the least amount of effort they could possibly have put into a remaster.

    Still UE3
    Very minor uplift except textures
    No Multiplayer in ME3
    And DLC not ported because they lost the source code (but considering how simple Pinnacle Station is, it could have been recreated).

    Its the least amount of effort they could do to call it a remaster, to the point that many games in the past would have called these changes a ‘GOTY’ edition.

    • No multiplayer! Normally I’d think “who cares” but … the ME multiplayer was actually good! (or at least I thought so, unusually for me). Loved levelling and gear up the various classes.

    • There’s an article on another news site that goes into how much effort they put in, it’s definitely not just a GOTY edition. They AI-remastered the three games, then had artists play through them to find areas to manually work on. They then brought in the art director for the original trilogy to add finishing touches. They also unified the character creation and design over the three games, updated the mechanics and gameplay for ME1. As for why they didn’t change the engine to UE4, apparently the scripting code for UE3 doesn’t have a direct equivalent in UE4, so they’d would have basically had to rewrite the game scripting from scratch.

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