McDonald’s Pokémon Card Packs Are Selling Out

McDonald’s Pokémon Card Packs Are Selling Out

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pocket Monsters, Mcdonald’s is including card packs in Happy Meals. It seemed like a good idea! Others thought so, too.

Included are four random cards out of a 50-card set, Inven reports. The rarest of most valuable cards are the shiny versions.

Some collectors and YouTubers are inevitably are swooping up the cards en masse. Scalpers, not surprisingly, appear close behind.

On the first day that the cards were released, the fast-food chain seemed laissez-faire about the launch. Some McDonald’s apparently are offering the packs separately, while other locations are including them with the Happy Meal. Depending on the specific McDonald’s, there might be different rules on how many can be purchased.

For example, as YouTuber Blazendary Pokemon pointed out, the location might have limited stock, so he purchased 20 Happy Meals. In contrast, YouTuber aDrive wanted didn’t want the food, and only asked for the boxes and the card packs. He was limited to ordering 20 at one location but could order 80 at another.


Vannie Eats ordered six Happy Meals with the cards and then filmed a mukbang as she devoured the food.

Good not to let the food go to waste. Some, like the aforementioned Blazendary Pokemon or Twitter’s JT Valor, who are buying in bulk, say they are donating the food to those in need. I do hope that others who are purchasing lots of Happy Meals are doing the same.

Not everyone purchasing in bulk is necessarily looking to flip these cards, but the cards are ending up on eBay. Packs look to be around $6 to $13 a pop on the resell market with the more desirable cards, such as the shiny Pikachu, fetching as much as $80.

Regular folks hoping to get a Pokémon Happy Meal with the commemorative cards are discovering that they’re already sold out. Sucks, sure, but unless there aren’t stricter rules about people buying lots of Happy Meals, this was bound to happen.


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