NBN’s Quietly Dropped The Quote Fee For Upgrading Your Service

NBN’s Quietly Dropped The Quote Fee For Upgrading Your Service
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Being stuck on an ordinary NBN connection is almost part of the Australian experience these days. Fortunately, there’s always the option to upgrade — but NBN Co has traditionally charged for quotes. Until this week.

There doesn’t seem to have been any official announcement. But I’ll certainly take paying $0 for a NBN Technology Choice quote over the $330 or $660 NBN Co originally charged.

If you’re out of the loop, NBN Technology Choice is the government network’s official pathway for having your NBN connection upgraded from the less appealing offerings to a full fibre service. It was introduced as a program to help NBN Co roll out more fibre offerings without weathering the cost of giving fibre to households that might not use it. (Of course, others might argue that it would have made sense to roll out fibre in the first place rather than spending billions on copper that’s all going to be replaced anyway, and it would have been cheaper to do it sooner rather than later.)

But alas. You can at least now find out how much NBN Co will charge you to roll out fibre to your home, or how much it’ll cost to replace the giant eyesore that is the NBN Cabinet.

I ran the numbers on my place, and, uh, it wasn’t great.

If you want to run the numbers on your own place, simply drop your address into the “Get a quote and apply for a single premises” page here. Note that if you’re already on fibre to the curb, the page will give you a little prompt saying that FTTC connections have “allocated more network investments” to enable those users to connect on NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans.

So, with that out of the way, let’s see what figures others have gotten . Just as a warning before you put your quote in: most people seem pretty unhappy with the quotes being spat out. There’s some great salt on social media, and this OzBargain post has a lot of fire if you draw energy from people’s collective disappointment. NBN also may not provide you with a quote if your address is deemed too “complex”, and the quotes provided are only good for 24 hours.

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So, not great.

But what about yourselves — what NBN are you on currently, what would it cost to upgrade, and what would the upgrade have to cost for you to consider taking NBN up on the offer?


  • $11,234 Instant quote so entirely automated, presumably being based on some arbitrary figure per linear metre.

    I might have bitten for a sub $3k quote, but then all those were for FTTC, which is already the second best option in which case I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    I think the game here will be to wait until some other sucker pays the cost of cabling past your place then to dive in to connect once that drops the price.

    Funnily enough, I’m old enough to remember when part of the point of government was precisely to avoid that kind of freeloading by spreading the cost of such work amongst the population by collecting tax and averaging things out. Sheesh, how old must I be?

    • I remember when that was the exact point of the NBN. I also remember “do it once, do it right, do it with fiber”.

      Have you considered getting a group of your neighbors together to split the cost of getting fiber running up the street?

  • I hope removing the quote fee doesn’t mean the head of NBN will receive anything less than the $1.2 million bonus he got last year on top of his already >$1 million salary, that would be a tragedy.

  • So is the plan to do free fibre upgrades when people choose a higher tier plan still happening? have heard nothing about it since it was mentioned months ago.

    • Its not ‘free’ you have to commit to a higher tier plan at the provider set price, but yes its due to kick off this year and into 2022. Expecting to see more info or the initial round of postcodes and providers in Q2 before it kicks off in Q3 id guess (if all the planning goes well)

      Ill be ordering it day one when it becomes an option for me 🙂 8k is abit too much for me wanting to commit to an upgrade haha

  • Yet there are 200k people still stuck without NBN at all, stuck on excrement ADSL, pathetic, NBNco need to step their game up, NBNco need to start connecting these people who can’t get it with full fibre as a sorry we fornicated you over but look here, fast internet will make it better. Anything less and NBNco can go shove it’s fibre up its cavernous arse.

    • Depending on what needs to be done the costs could be reduced where you could do some of the labouring yourself in advance or hire your own person(s) to do some of the preparation work.

      A lot of the cost is the labour involved

  • It’s 8k for me, tbf I was expecting ALOT more given that the MOST i can get currently is 50mb down and 15mbs up because im “too far” from the exchange… but my old place was a similar distance and I got 80mb down and 20 up… and the upgrade quote for that place was $12k.

    Going to try pentanet for a year I think

  • Going from FTTN to FTTP, and I know they have already changed the copper from the node to our home.
    $ 15,830 inc. GST
    Might just wait to see what they offer when they start rolling out the upgrade to the Cannington area, as they might offer some hot deals to get as many homes hooked up as possible when changing from FTTN to FTTP . I suspect there will be an install fee but it would be nice if they offer it as a minimal cost. I’m already paying $100 a month for a service 🙁 so I really don’t want to upgrade it.

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