Neon White Might Secretly Be Today’s Coolest Game

Neon White Might Secretly Be Today’s Coolest Game
Image: Neon White

A new Splatoon is downright cool, Skyward Sword on the Switch is neat, and I’m all for more Fire Emblem-esque tactical RPGs. But can we back it up a minute and talk about Neon White? Because not only does it look sweet, it also might be one of the coolest games of the whole Direct.

Well, coolest games provided we’re not including cartoon golf. That aside, Neon White has seriously flown under the radar this morning. While it was announced for the Switch, developer Ben Esposito — the same dev behind Donut County — is releasing it for PC as well through Steam.

The trailer asks lots of good questions, like why assassins are competing to get into Heaven in the first place. But from a mechanical level, Neon White looks right in the wheelhouse for fans of games like ULTRAKILL or Devil May Cry. There’s been a lot of fast-paced retro shooters over the last couple of years, and while Neon White isn’t going for that same kind of aesthetic, the movement does look really slick.

Sure, having the ability to dash mid-air is absolutely not new. Almost every video game borrows ideas and mechanics from one another. But it’s the context of how everything all comes together that can make a game stick, and I love the randomised card element here.

Neon White looks like a speedrunning dream, but the extra story elements between all the assassins seems neat as well. No word on whether we’ll be getting Hades-level subpots, but the artstyle looks sick nonetheless.

Neon White has a release date of “winter 2021” so far, which means sometime in the Australian summer. You can find more info on the official Steam page.


  • Um, I am pretty sure its the DC Super Girls game. I don’t know why, but I get Persona vibs from it. And hey, it way just turn out to be some kind of ‘GIRL POWER FUCK DE BOYS’ thing, but I more interested in it than an FPS type game on a consoul.

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