New Pokemon Games, New Final Fantasy VII Spin-Offs, Anthem Is Done, Call Of Duty Is Way Too Big, And More

New Pokemon Games, New Final Fantasy VII Spin-Offs, Anthem Is Done, Call Of Duty Is Way Too Big, And More
Image: The Pokemon Company / EA / Square Enix / Kotaku
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This week on Morning Checkpoint we learn about the next terrible thing involving Cyberpunk 2077, learn the future of Anthem, check out a new trailer for more Hot Wheels in Forza, talk about some good dads and watch Destiny 2 players jump off a cliff over and over.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Destiny 2 Players Are Jumping Off Cliffs To Avoid Playing Trials Of Osiris

It happened to me: I was looking for groups on the Destiny 2 app to play Trials of Osiris with, joined one, and then found myself jumping off a clif for the next few minutes in a tribute to just how unfun the game’s competitive PVP loot grind can be.

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Eventually, you need to just realise you don’t really want to play the game anymore. As I’ve said before: It’s ok to stop playing.

Final Fantasy Got It Right With Two Black Fathers

Lately, dads have become the video game industry’s pet trope. There are a ton of games that have won a lot of awards about trying, failing, and in very few cases, succeeding at being a dad. But that trend largely excludes Black fathers (with one extremely notable exception), since the...

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Barret is a very good daddy.

Early Bugsnax Idea Had You Skinning And Butchering Them

Look, we knew Bugsnax was a cute game with a dark heart, but this is particularly bleak.

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Hold up, going to go scream for a few minutes. Don’t mind me. Cover your ears.

Report: Hack Locked Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Out Of Their Computers For Two Weeks

Earlier this month, you may have read about a major cyber attack against Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red. According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, that hack all but halted work at the Polish game studio for two weeks.

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Every week I think “Well, the Cyberpunk situation can’t get any weirder, worse, or dumber. “ And then, like clockwork, I’m proven wrong. Again and again.

News From The Past Week

After Anthem’s Failure, Dragon Age 4 Will Reportedly Be Single-Player Only

We praise dancing in the Chantry y’all! According to a report from Bloomberg, EA is allowing BioWare to ditch “all multiplayer components” originally planned for the latest game in the Dragon Age series.

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Trailers And Videos From The Past Week

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