5 Things We Want To See In New Pokémon Snap

5 Things We Want To See In New Pokémon Snap

After years of clamouring for a new Pokémon Snap game, our prayers have been answered. New Pokémon Snap was finally unveiled during the latest Pokémon Presents alongside two smaller titles, Smile and Café Mix. 

While both are fairly cute, New Pokémon Snap is the real main event here. It’s a game that people have been looking forward to for nearly 20 years. As you can expect, this means there’s a whole lot of expectation being placed on the game.

The original Pokémon Snap featured a very simple but fun concept. Here’s how the sequel can build on the original and still create a worthy, engaging game.

Take Pokémon Snap off rails

pokemon snap 2

The original Pokémon Snap was an on-rails game. With players locked into a moving cart, there wasn’t much opportunity for wider exploration.

It’s likely this was because of the technical limitations of the Nintendo 64 system — but with the immense power of the Nintendo Switch, the possibility is there for wide, open world gameplay. This would let players take a more hands-on approach with their Pokémon photography and feel more immersed in the game.

The initial trailer for New Pokémon Snap did feature a steady, roving camera and a vehicle that appeared to move on a set path, but it’s currently unknown how exactly gameplay will function.

Having the ability to explore widely would be a great addition to the franchise.

Add day, night and weather cycles

Pokémon Snap was originally developed for the Nintendo 64DD, likely with the goal of utilising a real-time day and night cycle in the game. While the game launched without this feature, it would be great to see the idea return on Switch.

A day and night cycle that reflects real life as well as changing weather patterns would bring help bring the world of Pokémon to life. This would also change Pokémon behaviour and making capturing the perfect shot even more difficult.

Not only would it increase the challenge of the game, it would also improve the variety of the gameplay.

Showcase Pokémon’s Galar region

While many people bounced off Pokémon Sword/Shield, it’s hard to deny that Galar is a beautiful place. From ancient, hilly ruins to snowcapped mountain peaks, there’s a bunch of gorgeous locales that could be introduced in New Pokémon Snap.

The beautiful rivers and plains of the Wild Area would make for particularly beautiful highlights and expand the game’s sense of openness and freedom. Seeing Pokémon in their natural habitat is delightful, and seeing them run free in Galar would be grand.

Feature Dynamaxing

Dynamax Pokémon are incredible. They’re massive, towering monsters that should absolutely frighten you. Imagine how brilliant it would be to pass under one of these monoliths and snap the perfect shot.

While we’re all used to the cute and friendly Pokémon you can sit down and play with, including Dynamax Pokémon in the game would make for an impressive and breathtaking sight.

What New Pokémon Snap needs is a ginormous, terrifying Pikachu to marvel at.

Let us pet the Pokémon

One of the best features added to the newer generation of Pokémon titles is the ability to pet and look after your Pokémon. While the extra stats this feature adds aren’t quite essential, it’s a lovely break from the main gameplay and extremely cute no matter your age.

Being able to photograph Pokémon is nice and fun, but what would be even more fun is the ability to get involved and play around with the more friendly types.

In the gameplay trailer, the player is seeing tossing apples to Pokémon to get them to pose. If this feature was expanded with more items, the game could also build on how Pokémon react and play for the camera.

It would just be one more delightful feature in a hugely delightful game.

What are you hoping to see from New Pokémon Snap? Are you excited about the new announcement? Sound off in the comments below.

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