No More Heroes 3 Launches On August 27

No More Heroes 3 Launches On August 27
Screenshot: Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes 3 is coming to Switch on August 27, according to today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Wrapping up a trilogy that began in 2007, No More Heroes 3 tells the continuing story of otaku Travis Touchdown as he navigates his way through the treacherous world of professional assassinations after alien invaders arrive on Earth. Grasshopper Manufacture’s eccentric co-founder and CEO Goichi “Suda51″ Suda is again acting as director, writer, and designer.

No More Heroes 3 was originally scheduled to launch in 2020 before being officially delayed last September due to the covid-19 pandemic. Before that, Suda showed a brief glimpse of the game during the New Game+ Expo, largely obscured by his own head.

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