Of Course Wall Street Bets Is Now A Video Game

Of Course Wall Street Bets Is Now A Video Game
Image: Wall Street Bets

After giving a collective heart attack to a couple of hedge funds and inadvertently finding itself at the centre of meme stock mania, the famous Wall Street Bets sub-reddit has been converted into something many of its fans would appreciate: a game on Steam.

Simply titled Wall Street Bets, the simple idle clicker comes from Carbon Fiber Games, a developer responsible for VR titles like For The Stars and the lowly-rated Bowl VR.

It’s not a fully fledged simulator or anything like that. Like the subreddit itself, Wall Street Bets seems more primed for people who want to enjoy a good laugh at Big Number Go Up. Everyone’s favourites are included: GameStonk (GME), BlueBerry, Diamond Hands (DMD) and more.

“The game has satirical humour and is meant to be played casually,” the developers say, noting that the game runs in a fixed 1024×768 window. So don’t expect Wall Street Bets to be anything more than fun for one night at most.

If you like the idea of buying the dip, you can add Wall Street Bets to your Steam wishlist here. No word on when it’ll be released. The game doesn’t advertise any official affiliation with the Wall Street Bets subreddit, although I can imagine they might have some ideas about potential features for the game.


  • As an idle clicker sounds like exactly the right genre. Ride the bull market until you hit a wall, do your dough all the way back to zero again, repeat.

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