Persona 5 Strikers’ Action Gameplay Is Downright Fun

Persona 5 Strikers’ Action Gameplay Is Downright Fun
Image: Steam

Persona 5 Strikers is not your average Persona game. Yes, it’s a true sequel to the hit JRPG Persona 5. But this time around, Strikers ditches the franchise’s well-known and mostly loved traditional, turn-based RPG fighting system for hack-and-slash, musou-style action gameplay.

At first I was a tad bit sceptical about Strikers’ leap into action. I dig traditional, turned-based RPGs, with all the glacially paced combat that implies. But Strikers won me over. Atlus created an action-RPG play style akin to Final Fantasy VII Remake, but turned up to 11. I enjoyed wreaking havoc on enemy shadows with the leader Joker, then switching seamlessly to Queen for a fist-of-fury-style combo string. Strikers combines this new action gameplay with Persona 5’s super-distinctive anime art style and (sometimes menial-feeling) day-to-day questing when you’re outside the Metaverse.

Check out the video above to hear about my favourite thieves for storming the first Jail — Strikers’ term for dungeons. For folks who’ve played and enjoyed Persona 5 proper, don’t hesitate to give this odd spin-off a chance. I had a lot of fun meeting up with the old gang and destroying shadows again.

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