Project DT Is Another Killer AAA Game From China

Project DT Is Another Killer AAA Game From China
Image: Project DT

Heads up NiER and Devil May Cry fans. Remember how there was a killer looking Souls project from a Chinese studio last year? Well, there’s another Chinese studio working on an equally sick-looking title, and this one will be right up your alley.

Similar to Black Myth: Wu Kong, this game is called Project DT. There’s no release date or anything at this stage. It’s courtesy of Digital Sky, and Gematsu reports that the studio is recruiting staff to help push things along. (It’s the studio’s first AAA title, according to analyst Daniel Ahmad, and it’s being made in Unreal Engine 4.)

But hey, it’s a good looking pitch so far. Below you’ll see the official announce trailer, and underneath is a longer shot of the third-person combat.

The DmC comparisons aren’t a joke, either. A few minutes into the gameplay demonstration below, you’ll see the beginnings of a combo scoring system. So far, the main things that have been built are a single boss fight with the animations, HUD and a simple level to house it all in.

There’s only melee attacks at this stage, and the main character punches and kicks with some neat fire trails. It’s like someone saw Final Fantasy 7 Remake and thought, “How about we just get Tifa to beat the shit out of some mechs?”

And, honestly, that works for me.

As is always the case with this stuff, a million things could happen throughout the course of development. The game might never be finished; they might run into a ton of roadblocks that force the studio to change direction or design. I’m sincerely hoping that’s not the case, because the animations and mech design look pretty neat! Chinese studios already do a ton of work supporting existing AAA development, but it’s usually relegated to satellite studio status.

So I’m keen to see what happens when more of that talent gets to be the lead on a project of their own. We’re already starting to see Chinese-made games rocket to the top of Steam, even without English localisation. And given the amount of AAA development chops many Chinese studios already have, it’s surely only a matter of time before one of these projects becomes a serious GOTY contender.

Project DT, mind you, is probably at least a few years away from even thinking about a release. But if you’d like to know more, there’s a site here.


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