The First PS5 DualSense Drift Lawsuit Has Been Filed

The First PS5 DualSense Drift Lawsuit Has Been Filed

As early as November 2020, PS5 owners were reporting major drifting issues with their DualSense controllers. For one player, it took just ten days for them to notice major stick drift on the DualSense that rendered the controller unusable. Now, a class-action lawsuit has been filed in the United States alleging the controllers are actually ‘defective’.

The suit, filed by firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK&D), claims: “The DualSense controllers that are used to operate the PS5 contain a defect that results in characters or gameplay moving on the screen without user command or manual operation of the joystick. This defect significantly interferes with gameplay and thus compromises the DualSense controller’s core functionality.”

According to IGN, the suit further alleges Sony was aware of the problems with controller drift but didn’t provide adequate repair options or support for consumers. Many were forced to wait for long hours and deal with a ‘maze’ of pre-recorded messages.

A class action was officially filed on February 12 after the firm put a call out for consumer interest in the case. It’s set to be heard by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, with the complaint seeking monetary relief for damages caused.

The primary plaintiff, Lmarc Turner, allegedly bought their PS5 console in early February 2021 and experienced controller drift on the day of purchase. According to the suit, Turner contacted Sony support and was only told to reset the game and console with no further assistance or advice offered. He was then forced to purchase another DualSense to replace it.

Alongside Turner’s complaint, the lawsuit also includes several other reports of DualSense drift from social media, including some which claim the controller became defective within the same week it was purchased.

CSK&D is currently working through a similar case impacting Nintendo Joy-Con users, and we can expect to hear more about both class action lawsuits and the issue of controller drifting over the coming months.

If your PS5 controller is currently suffering from drift, there are options available to you. It’s likely your issue will be covered under the Australian Consumer Law locally, so you’ll be able to return it to your point of purchase. If not, you may need to contact Sony Support and navigate the previously mentioned ‘rabbit warren’ of wait times and robot operators.

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