Report: Nintendo Gives Non-Answer When Asked About New Switch Model

Report: Nintendo Gives Non-Answer When Asked About New Switch Model
Going to keep using this image until Nintendo reveals actual plans. (Image: Nintendo)

Despite years of rumours and reports indicating that upgraded Switch hardware is in the works for 2021, Nintendo continues to dance around the question of a Switch Pro. During a quarterly earnings report Q&A earlier today, company president Shuntaro Furukawa said there were no plans to announce a new Switch model anytime soon.

Nintendo had a hell of a quarter, its best since 2008, but with Microsoft and Sony releasing powerful new consoles in November, the relatively underpowered Switch is starting to show its age. This would be a great time for Nintendo to announce the upgraded version we’re all sure is in the works, but the company isn’t saying anything just yet. According to Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki, translating the financial Q&A session, Nintendo isn’t planning an announcement “anytime soon.”

What does “anytime soon” mean? Nintendo notes they’ve got the Mario Switch coming this month and one for Monster Hunter Rise in March. Then the financial year ends, a new one begins, and who knows what hardware announcements might be right around the corner. Perhaps the rumoured Switch Pro, with enhanced computing power and 4K graphics. Probably that.


  • I still refuse to buy any model until they actually fix stick drift. Because all they have done is acknowledge it and shrug their shoulders.

    • I was suffering from stick drift but a recent controller firmware update fixed it for me. If you’re still getting it, try updating the firmware of the controllers (I needed to go into the controller settings and manually update from there, it didn’t auto update, so it’s worth checking) and don’t forget to reboot the Switch after the update.

      • Updating firmware is not a fix for the underlying hardware issues. Stick drift is a hardware issue. Nintendo used substandard pads for their sticks.

        A software patch is a bandaid on a stab wound.

        Like I said, i refuse to purchase a switch until the problem is fixed at the hardware level. Nintendos software fix is more than likely just an adjustment of the deadzone which only masks the issue temporarily.

        • I dunno man, I’m just telling you how it is. I was getting stick drift, and it was pretty bad, and I had my forms ready so I could send my joycons back to Nintendo, but I updated the firmware on them and it fixed it. You can call that a band-aid or a mask if you want, I’m just saying the update fixed the issue for me.

  • I wouldn’t hold my breath. Wasn’t it 100% certainly coming out in 2019? I remember a whole slew of tech sites reporting that it was certain.

  • What does “anytime soon” mean?
    Only responding what’s on in the 3rd Quarter. Clearly a business”soon”

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