Sony Finally Announces Next-Gen VR For PS5

Sony Finally Announces Next-Gen VR For PS5
Old, boring, last-gen VR (Illustration: Sony)

Fans of Sony’s virtual reality efforts have been wondering what was to become of console-based VR with the launch of the PlayStation 5. Today the company announces that a next-generation virtual reality system is in the works for the PS5, but it’s not going to launch this year.

There are no images of fancy next-gen headsets or screenshots of upcoming VR games. Just a simple text post on the PlayStation Blog letting everyone know that the days of having to order a special adaptor to use PS4 PSVR on the PS5 will one day be over. The only technological advancements mentioned is the incorporation of DualSense technology in the new VR controllers. Hopefully not the drifting analogue sticks.

Look for more on Sony’s next generation of console virtual reality as it gets closer to being a real thing Sony can sell to us.


  • Awesome, I’ve been waiting to get some news on a next gen version.
    I held off getting the current one because there wasn’t much I wanted and I had a feeling it would get an upgrade eventually.

  • VR is awesome and having played my PS VR quite a bit, I can say it’s fun but at the same time I can’t see it ever taking off massively. There are some great immersion aspects to VR which have created great gaming memories, but it’s still more a ‘game’ specific thing at the moment.

    As a minimum they’ll have to do wireless and increase the specs to just match the competition. I suspect they’ll do more though..

  • Really hope they have controller’s similar to pc vr/quest. As much as I loved psvr since playing quest (and pc vr games with quest) i can’t imagine going back to sitting and holding a controller.

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