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Talk Amongst Yourselves

It’s a new year, so let’s enjoy a new TAY.

Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves, the most chill community of Aussie gamers around. Talk about what you’re watching lately, or what’s happening in your Destiny 2 raids. Find something good on Xbox Game Pass? Mucked around with a retro console or an emulator lately? Or maybe you want to trade some recipes, find a group of people for a watch party and more.

We’ve also got our community Discord going, which you can join below. Great place if you need to team up with people for a quick game, or just want to discover something new!


  • Happy New Year! And welcome back. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing some real news, as this year my intention is to dedicate my time to things in my library, unplayed gems of yesteryear instead of the new hotness of 2021.

    Fortunately, 2021 seems like a pretty easy year to do that. The only real draws that might test my willpower so far are God of War 2, Stray, and Hogwarts Legacy. Plus my bevvy of indie wishlist darlings, but I have suspicions some of my most anticipated of those (Gloomwood, Shadows of Doubt, Chinatown Detective Agency) might not be turning up til 2022.

    There’s some unknown quantity temptations by way of Returnal, Ghostwire, Deathloop, Pragmata, Project Athia and such, but I haven’t seen anything to really sell them so it should be pretty easy to clamp down on the hype levels for those.

    That said, I am keeping my Game Pass subscription, and that’s already delivering fascinating new hotness like Drake Hollow. I’m definitely going to have to alternate my new/old fix. Saving my next run of Cyberpunk for after their big patches. The first 150+ hrs run was satisfying, and I was tempted to immediately launch into another to do it RIGHT this time (including get the secret ending), but that’ll probably benefit from the waiting.

    • Game pass is amazing. The only reason I don’t have it is because of my injury + my xbox one isn’t set up atm.

      • Could be good for your Mum, too. The PC version of game pass is I think still cheaper than the console/ultimate, and it has a pretty fantastic library of low-intensity indie titles that she might get a kick out of (or you, without aggravating your injury).

        I’ve just spent the weekend playing Star Renegades, for example, which is effectively turn-based strategy, not too click-heavy. Other worthy titles in that similar vein include: Astrologaster, Battle Chasers, Battletech, Bridge Constructor, Disgaea 4, Day of the Tentacle remaster, Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, For The King, Gears Tactics, Machinarium, Hypnospace Outlaw, Kathy Rain, Mistover, Monster Train, Nowhere Prophet, Night Call, Pandemic: The Board Game, Plebby Quest: The Crusades, Reigns: Game of Thrones, Slay the Spire, Phoenix Point, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, VA-11 Hall-A, Vambrace: Cold Soul, Wargroove, Yes Your Grace.

        That’s predominantly tactics, strategy, deckbuilders, adventure game, puzzle, and VN to angle for things that don’t demand any particular timing on button presses or sustained holding of buttons to keep things easy on the hands. The library explodes if you’re able to manage some light, pausable real-time, such as the Paradox games: Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Stellaris, and the RPGs like the various Wasteland titles, Torment, Bard’s Tale, and Pillars of Eternity.

        My personal picks for underrated gems in there are VA-11 Hall-A, Yes Your Grace, and Astrologaster.

        • She’s already taken over my switch. She’s not getting my xbox as well! I wanna jump into it eventually, but I need to save up money to afford a cabinet to put my game consoles in

          • I gave up on finding an affordable cabinet, so I slapped a few baby floor shelves around my TV’s table. It’s not pretty, but no one’s at risk of tripping over anymore and there’s airflow.

    • Speaking of Game Pass (I’ve been enjoying it mostly), has anyone encountered a bug where you delete the game in PC Game Pass but it doesn’t reclaim the space on your drive?

  • Hey Alex, how about a semi-regular series of AU community member interviews?

    I think we all know who the first candidate should be 😀

    Could be a good way to improve the AU community vibe?

    • So… the idea here is to increase the profile of, and add legitimacy to, the very people responsible for undermining KotakuAU’s ‘community vibe’ in order to improve KotakuAU’s community vibe?

      • I think there’s ways we can talk to people in our community and highlight all the good things without promoting anything adversarial. We just had 12 months of pure toxicity and constant depression, after all, so I’m trying to take a glass mostly full approach here.

      • Why would you immediately assume the worst?

        I think it’s a fun idea. Might bring back some of the old day vibes.

        • Is not assuming the worst the default position around here?

          Certainly there doesn’t appear to be a lot of tolerance expressed in the comments of any article posted by certain US-based authors, or in any article threatening people’s safe spaces with opinions different from their own.

          Well, to quote a certain reasonably well known Twitter personality, perhaps there are ‘very fine people on both sides’.

          • Well why not “be the change you want to see” and be a bit more positive, ey? At the very least consider that maybe more contentious opinions might not make it through the editorial process in any hypothetical commenter-interview article series.

          • @john_stalvern Actually, where this started was that I questioned giving additional prominence to people who, first, get plenty of prominence already with anyone who scrolls down a bit further each day.

            And second, giving additional prominence to people who aren’t exactly role models of good behaviour.

            I have no doubt that if anyone were to be interviewed Alex would go out of his way to leave anything potentially controversial on the editorial cutting room floor, to the point that these would be nothing but sweet and inoffensive puff pieces, but that’s hardly the point, eh? Indeed, that kind of whitewashing would be both dishonest and distasteful.

            Interviewees are still being offered a profile, and anyone with even half an ounce of internet savvy is more than capable of googling for more.

            Sure, I’m happy to “be the change I want to see”, which in this case involves not rewarding people who thrive on controversy with even more attention. Frankly, I can’t think of a single regular poster who might be worthy of such prominence, myself most definitely included.

          • Well I guess that’s one way to look at it.

            I’m of the opinion that there at least a few people around here that most people like, ones you don’t usually find playing in the mud. Like Scree and TM, to name a couple (who have posted comments here already so I don’t have to think hard about names.)

            Hell, if Neo Kaiser were still around I’d love to have seen him get a platform to talk about Halo in length. Dude loved Halo, it was always a pleasure to have him talk about it.

            And maybe that’s just it. Maybe there are more people out here who have their own Halos to talk at length about. The potential for interesting topics is limitless, even if you may disagree with the individual on some topics.

            I doubt I’ll sway your mind here but I think when it comes to this sort of community engagement, anything is better than nothing.
            And for what little it’s worth, I’d read the Angorafish interview.

          • Okay, I read all that. There are decent arguments on both sides.
            It may also humanise people that are normally controversial.
            I say we give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, shut it down. Do we really have much to lose?

          • Its almost like alot of aussies dont subscribe to US identity politics, considering you lot get so cut that a dissenting voice ‘impacts your safe space’, no wonder you are the first dissenting voice against other peoples opinions being shared, cause we cant have fishboy show up without a nice example of hypocrisy.

          • m2d2 my dude I am tryin’ to work with angora here. your hostility isn’t helping my argument

          • Dude, i know your heart is 100% in the right place, but hes already shown the fact IN THIS THREAD, that anyone who disagrees with him ‘arent good role models of good behavior’, you cant change his outlook on anything, he cant see any of his hypocritical behaviour and HIS hijacking of threads, because in his head, his cause is sooooo right that any hypocrisy can be waved away, which is WHY so many people give him grief, its not just his opinions but its the never ending mental gymnastics that makes him just so hilarious.
            The dude is so scared someone he doesnt like would get interviewed that hes already worried about them getting a voice (like it matters? ITS A VIDEO GAME WEBSITE MATE) cause they might have similar opinions on video games rather than identity politics he subscribes too and refuses to accept that some left leaning people DONT touch that shit and hate it, EVEN WHEN Alex would never ask “so why do you think kotaku US is a cesspit?” or anything close because heres the thing, Kotaku AU would ask questions based in why people are here on kotaku AU, Video games. Cause god forbid some people might agree with others on them on that front.
            Even if Alex wanted to test the waters with something like “what is your spiciest take” Most responses would be ‘sane’. Hell mine would be something like “Dragon age 2, was nowhere near the bad game some people claimed, it was more limited in scope and reused alot of assets, but that doesnt make it a bad game, for what they were going for, they hit it” Or “Halo ODST is Criminally underated”.
            The idea would be great to get people to talk what they are passionate about, as you said with your examples.
            You can lead a horse to water…But you are never getting fishboy to drink.
            Plus, Alex walkers workload is already heavy AF. It would be alot for him.

    • It seems to me that the number one reason for poor community vibe is that it’s really hard to maintain a positive atmosphere when this website’s most frequent and prominent community participants are also its biggest detractors.

      And when KotakuAU and its representatives are not willing to defend its own content it inevitably falls back on that website’s fans to take up the defence on its behalf. Seriously, it’s not rocket science; critics criticise, fans defend, tribes form, unwelcoming atmosphere develops, vicious cycle.

      FWIW, I’m here for Kotaku. If there wasn’t an Australian version I’d be on the US site. In fact, given how little support this website gets from its community, all things being equal, I would be there now if I weren’t forced to fenangle a VPN to do so.

      Most of the regulars though, as they’ve told us time after time after time, don’t want Kotaku US content, they want an Australian gaming blog without a social conscience. Well, Kotaku without Kotaku is hardly Kotaku, eh? And in any case, we know how well that worked out for Gameplanet.

      In the end, when a majority of Kotaku’s regular posters have such a militant hatred for such a significant percentage of the website’s most substantive content and content producers, it should surprise not one person that KotakuAU’s community sections have self-selected for conflict and hostility.

      Seriously, it’s no different from me turning up to a Liberal Party branch meeting because I like handing out how to vote cards, drafting motions, and debating Australian politics, even though I despise dog whistling to racists, demonising the unemployed, and tax cuts for the rich.

        • Look I get that big posts like that saying “THE COMMUNITY IS AWFUL” isn’t going to help the casual kotakuite reading comments think that maybe the community isn’t awful, and obviously his stance against Kotaku engaging with the community *at all* is not going to help build the sense of community he wants so much, but I don’t think replying to him aggressively and calling him “fishboy” at every opportunity is going to go far in softening his concrete mindset.

          Saying “most of the regulars are bad and hate the site” is one thing but we know he really means the six or so names he regularly butts heads with. I think a lot of people are at fault here, but they’re not all on the same side of the ideological divide that is quite obviously present here. We have people who jump at the chance to be rude to “the other guys”. We have people who cannot help themselves, absolutely needing to take the bait and reply to comments they should probably just leave alone.
          I’m sure I’m guilty of these things, but at least lately I’ve been trying to be more respectful to the ones I disagree with.

          Call me naive, but I do believe that despite some of the shit that gets flung sometimes, most people here are at heart, good people. There are a few people (again, on both “sides”) that I would identify as bad actors who we probably would be better of without, but that’s only 2 or 3 names tops. Everyone else I think – no matter how disagreeable they might be – are generally not bad guys. We’ve all had different experiences that have lead us here today. If we all would just consider what the other guy has been through that has lead him to whatever disagreeable statement he’s made, maybe it would be a nicer place around here.

          Anyway I will finish this off to emphasise that by giving someone a spotlight to talk about themselves or gaming history or favourite game or whatever, is not going to make readers think that person – despite whatever opinions positive or negative they might have – is the bees knees and a role model or whatever. It might just make readers want to engage a little more, which would be nice.

          • “but I don’t think replying to him aggressively and calling him “fishboy” at every opportunity is going to go far in softening his concrete mindset.”
            100% Correct. But im not trying to soften his mindset. Trying to do that is insanity and a waste of everyones time. At least me calling him fishboy and pointing out his never ending flow of hypocrisy is a FUN waste of time.

            Your last sentence in this post is accurate, but to some in here, even allowing some one to talk about video games = complicit in giving them a voice in other areas even if it is never mentioned.
            Its odd, but hell, Thats what happens when you fall in with rhetoric.

    • @novasensei and @john_stalvern Notwithstanding the related threads, above, and in genuine appreciation for the consistent effort to maintain a constructive tone, I am seriously curious about how you think interviewing regular commenters has the potential to “improve the AU community vibe”.

      Is offering people five extra minutes of fame intended to be some kind of reward for good chat behaviour?

      Seriously, what’s the mechanism at work here that might change the tone for the better? Presumably it doesn’t encourage people chosen to be interviewed to post more often, since they’re already prominent enough to be interviewed in the first place.

      And I can’t see how interviewing a few community members might encourage some of the more adversarial commentators from toning themselves down. Perhaps to improve their chances of being covered in a future interview, I guess? Perhaps it’s just me but that seems unlikely. Most of the more adversarial commentators appear to lack that kind of self-awareness.

      Which just leaves lurkers and infrequent posters who… I don’t know? How is interviewing regular commentators going to encourage greater participation from lurkers and infrequent posters? In the hope that they might too one day be the subject of an interview?

      I guess we could also include in the mix past readers that have left or been driven away who might have some incentive to come back. Although how that might work if they’re not actually reading the website anymore…

      I am not discounting that interviews might improve the community vibe somehow, but I genuinely am unable to imagine how that might actually work in practice.

  • Happy new year to everyone! Hope everyone had a good christmas and stuff.
    I’m hoping to *finally* make a shelf for my Nanoblocks. Maybe I’ll take a photo when the shelf is built and my Nanoblocks are all set up =D

    • Already hit a snag in shelf making. Bunnings doesn’t have the wood i want. How can bunnings be out of wood?!

    • My own working-with-hands goal is to try getting back into painting this year.
      I have done very little about it at this stage, but I’m looking forward to an impending move out to a house in the sticks where I’ll have a space I can drop a sheet and canvas without worrying too much about what the process will do to an apartment.

      • Oh that sounds nice. I’d love a house where I could have a crafting room. Alas, I only have a room. And my bed fills it.

  • So I’ve been playing GTFO after a friend bought it for me four days ago. A different friend and I tried getting through the first level going in blind. We were over run. Quickly and repeatedly.
    After three deaths with little progress, we decided to try again the next day. I also looked up a guide as we had a few questions about how the sleepers actually worked.
    The next day we got further, managing to get further along before making a mistake and being killed. We eventually got to the level two alarm. This is when we realised that it does not scale for two players and decided not to continue unless we had at least three.
    An experienced GTFO friend joined us yesterday and the difficulty dropped dramatically. Having someone to explain how everything worked made everything go that much smoother.
    I complained that the game needed some kind of tutorial, even if it was text toys or something. I get there trying to be immersive, but I feel the frustration may turn away people who might otherwise enjoy it.
    Anyone else played? And what was your experience?

    • My experience was largely that you absolutely needed a full squad of four, because it’s not designed to scale down to one, two or even really three players.

      The difficulty with four does ramp up a lot when you get into the lower levels, but basically it’s designed as a full-four player experience.

    • Is there any kind of persistent progression (eg: perks, improved equipment unlocks, stats, etc) to make subsequent runs easier?

      • No. And each run is slightly different as the map doesn’t change, but where things spawn does. I think once you learn what you need to do, and how the sleepers works, it gets easier.

  • Hello TAY friends.

    2021 is mostly going to be dealing with the Pile Of Shame until PS5 turns up and a certain exclusive featuring robots with it. I’m still dipping in and out of Elite: Dangerous and Cities: Skylines. Game 1 of 2021 is Control. No RTX for me, the GTX 1080 is still doing the job well enough (even in FS2020).

    Hope you’re all ticking along. 🙂

  • Is there a way to have the “Show more comments” always expanded? It’s super annoying to have to click that every time I want to read the comments.

  • Ah! A new year and a new TAY!

    I’ll say this again we need reply alerts back! Keeps conversation going even on really old articles and it helps with engagement!

    Meanwhile I’ve decided im just gonna stick the fun articles and occasional game expose here and there.. after the crap shoot of 2020 and me hitting the the old fart years ive had enough negativity that includes politics… my normal day job already makes me miserable i dont need it on whats considred my leisure time xD

    • Commenting wishlist:
      * Notifications
      * All the HTML functions back (especially spoiler & quote)
      * Notifications
      * Edit
      * Notifications

      * …Notifications

      • Nah, I’m perfectly fine without having notifications. While theres some good discussion going on, theres times when I post an ‘oh god, here we go again’ on some terrible articles where I’m really not interested in seeing or reading the responses.

        If they could improve edit if it came back so it didn’t go into mandatory moderation, it’d be fantastic. I go into cringe mode when I see some of my typos that will never be corrected.

        Spoilers and quotes would be awesome!

        Downvoting at least can stay dead, buried and cremated. It being used by the groupthink clique to censor debate and any opinions different to their own, and by extension, removing the voice of the person who uttered the opinion they didn’t like by putting them into moderation hell for an extended period of time on any posts, was a terrible, disgusting system. Much better to just have people able to say things and see who hoists themselves by their own petard.

        Theres been a few people I’ve wanted to upvote, but alas, typically you can’t have one without the other.

        • Don’t really care for voting.. never really amounted to much and honestly it just exacerbated the whole divided group think with us or against us mentality online and I’m trying to wean myself of that..

          I do have a solution to notification problems though. If I feel its one of those “oh god here we go again” kind of article then I’m just gonna avoid commenting. I’m trying to put this into practice this year because I’m trying to reduce my dosage of negativity this year..

          .. and honestly if its a topic that’s devolved I just ignore the notification since the old system actually would tell you which article it was from. But notifications on great articles is a great way to keep convos going. Even older one’s since you can see replies to stuff you mentioned a week or even older back. Because lets be honest discussion outside of “those articles” tend to die very quickly because people don’t recheck them as often.

  • Soo.. after extended sessions of Hades. My olde reliable wireless Logitech gamepad is finally succumbing to age and the “Y” button is starting to “stick”.

    Hopefully a good dismantle and some clean up will fix it. Otherwise its time to invest in a new controller

  • Looking for some budget recommendations for a gaming mic. Would prefer a stand-alone mic as I don’t want to have to wear headphones to use it, but I’ll appreciate headset recommendations too.

    By budget, I mean <$100.

  • I thought I’d give Mass Effect Andromeda a shot and it’s actually not that bad. It’s far from perfect but there’s enough cool ideas here that I’ll see it through to the end.

    I just hit the Apex multiplayer stuff though and I’m wondering how much of a scam it is. Horde mode is sort of cool to play around with and I might talk some friends into having a crack but right now it feels intentionally crippled to bait me into their confusing loot box scheme. The cover system is pretty weak even in single player but here it feels like a way of getting me to buy medkits.

    Also how tied into the main game is it? Can I just ignore it or would that set me back?

    • Scratch that. Audio cuts out every other match and requires a restart to fix. It’s a shame because like the campaign there’s some decent potential here.

      • I loved the Andromeda campaign. Got it for $7 on PSN so by that time I think they’d patched a lot of the technical stuff people had issues with. Really hyped for the rereleases now.

        • I have a few issues with the story in relation to the other games but overall it’s been good. The only thing that bothers me about it a little is that they abandoned the idea of peace immediately. I don’t need them to be friends with everyone but after the First Contact War you’d think they’d try a little harder to open a second, third and forth set of dialogues.
          The Initiative is also a little more human-centric than I’d like. I get there’s a bit of a practical reason and there might be a deeper plot reason later in the game, but right now it feels like a human expedition with some aliens on board rather than a united alliance of explorers.

          It hasn’t really stoked the flames for the remasters for me, but I’ve been playing a Star Wars Edge of the Empire table top RPG and Andromeda has really got me thinking about how sweet a Mass Effect reskin would be.

  • Hey, is my browser plying up or was the new games this week not posted? I can see the us post on the Australian rss feed but not on the site. I usually prefer Alex’s anyways as it has more detail.

    On another note. Do we have any fighting game players here? Like say sfv? The last update for it seems like it will make a big change on gameplay with the new addition. Also with Capcom seeming to really care again is nice. The big rumour that the last character might even be a Snk one. That would be great! I mean they have a rivals schools character coming. And Snk re-releasing titles that have capcom licencing again is a step in the right direction. Oh my dreams of a snk vs capcom 3! Or a remaster of 2 would be so good!

    • I think the US version always comes through anywhere up to a couple hours before Alex gets to his (better) version. I usually just hold off and wait before looking. 😀

  • Might be worth asking but does anyone have that tampermonkey code that removes the brightcove player from every Kotaku article that a user posted here a while ago?

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