Terraria Dev Cancels Stadia Port Over Being Shut Out Of Google Accounts

Terraria Dev Cancels Stadia Port Over Being Shut Out Of Google Accounts
Screenshot: Re-Logic
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The sprawling 2D world-crafting game Terraria has been ported almost everywhere. One place it won’t be going? Stadia. At least according to one of its creators who recently took to Twitter to cancel the streaming version of the game after — he says — Google locked him out of all of his accounts.

“I absolutely have not done anything to violate your terms of service, so I can take this no other way than you deciding to burn this bridge,” Andrew Spinks, who made Terraria along with a handful of other developers as part of the indie studio Re-Logic, wrote on Twitter late last night. “Consider it burned. #Terraria for @GoogleStadia is cancelled. My company will no longer support any of your platforms moving forward.”

According to Spinks, he’s been unable to get into any of his Google accounts for over three weeks now. That includes Google Drive, Gmail, his YouTube channel, “thousands of dollars” worth of apps on his smartphone, and any other media purchased from the company. “I had just bought LOTR 4K and can’t finish it,” Spinks wrote, adding that Google has been giving him the “runaround” and he has no idea why his accounts were disabled.

Google and Spinks did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Terraria originally came out in 2011 for PC, and has been getting regular updates ever since, including a final major expansion called Journey’s End that went live last year. It’s also been ported to three different Sony consoles, three different Nintendo consoles, both macOS and Linux, and even Windows Phone, the smartphone operating system that Microsoft shutdown back in 2015. Stadia was the next logical place for a game which has already sold over 30 million copies. A port hadn’t officially been announced, but last week fans found a new Stadia PEGI rating for the game. Now it’s cancelled.

Last week, Kotaku reported that Google had recently cancelled all of its own Stadia projects, closing both of its new game studios and upending the work of roughly 150 developers in the process, according to a source familiar with Stadia’s operations.

“I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little,” Spinks wrote in his final tweet from last night’s thread. “Doing business with you is a liability.”


  • I can’t wait for Google to inevitably use things like this to blame on Stadia’s collapse when they shut it down…

    “Developers didn’t want to support the platform, so really THEY made us shut it down to protect future consumers from trying to support us.”

    • It’s Google. It’s par with the course that they kill something after 12 months if it’s not a huge success that immediately makes them billions

  • I am going to forego millions of dollars in potential revenue because your shitty semi-automated Philippines-based take no responsibility customer support systems are shit, just like every other online platform, everywhere.

  • Somewhere in Google, there will be a Stadia senior manager SCREAMING down the line at a Customer Support senior manager right now, no matter how they try to spin this.

  • I doubt enough people even use Stadia for the developer to care about the revenue he loses from not porting it. It’s a dead service with no customer base and no growth. He loses far less than Stadia does as a service.

  • Every day I get a little closer to abandoning the gmail accounts I’ve had since the invite only beta.

    Question is, what would I do for a phone? I loved windows phone 8. 10 would’ve been good but they decided to just never finish making the OS.

  • It’s highly unusual for a Google account to be locked, and we’re only hearing one side of the story here. I suspect there’s more going on that we don’t know about.

    • Normally I would agree but hes vocal and angry enough and willing to burn bridges and money with Google for it to be some sort of issue on Googles end

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