Thank God, Blaseball Returns On March 1

Thank God, Blaseball Returns On March 1

The cultural event of Blaseball returns on March 1, developer The Game Band announced today.

Blaseball is an absurdist baseball simulator that took the weirder corners of the internet by storm last year. It spawned a passionate community that contributed heavily to its complex lore — both through in-game voting and largely unofficial world-building — and was a great distraction as the world hurtled headlong toward disaster. The online splort has been on a Grand Siesta since Season 11 wrapped up on October 25, and the creators have some cool stuff in store for when Season 12 kicks off next month.

Screenshot: The Game Band
Screenshot: The Game Band

If there’s one criticism of Blaseball, it’s that it was hard to stay apprised of if you had better things to do than stare at a text scroll of fake baseball stats. While the announcement is fittingly obtuse about several key details, The Game Band has promised a better way of keeping up with important moments (catching up on games you missed previously often meant scrolling through text dumps on Twitter or Discord) and a scheduled two weeks of downtime after every three weeks of competition to help folks catch their breath.

Blaseball has already gone to some strange places. An early season introduced umpires with the power to incinerate blaseball athletes (some of which players were able to resurrect in later seasons), a godlike peanut entity was defeated in a JRPG-style battle, a former team known as the Baltimore Crabs ascended to the heavenly Big Leagues after winning three championships, and the commissioner is always doing a great job. I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

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