Image: Rockfish Games
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EVERSPACE 2 is already shaping up to be a cracker of a space adventure, so it’s no surprise that the game already has a ton of killer art.

Rockfish’s latest adventure, which launched in early access last month, is already shaping up real well. The roguelike nature of the original has been dropped for more of a traditional Privateer or Freelancer-style world. But EVERSPACE 2 has massively improved its combat and the manoeuvrability of its craft, and there’s a good little story afoot (or what’s been released, anyway).

But we’re not here to appreciate or evaluate the game’s early access state so far. This is all about appreciating the immense amount of art that goes into creating all the various worlds, planets, ships and environments that you’d come across.

A little bit of concept art has been teased in official EVERSPACE 2 posts and announcements, but today we’ve got a lot more straight from developers Rockfish Games. Tobais Frank was responsible for all of the concept art (and he’s also doing some key art for the upcoming Spacebase Startopia, which looks sick), while Alexander Preuss and Malte Stange helped on 3D art. Everything was also led by Rockfish’s creative director, Uwe W├╝therich.

Update 5/02: Rockfish Games reached out after publication to clarify that JC Jongwon Park, a senior concept artist now at Deep Silver, also contributed to some of the work below. They also wanted to add that all the ship designs and concepts were a collaboration between Frank and Matthias Kummer, another 3D artist at Rockfish. Frank produced the initial drafts, the blockouts were completed by Kummer, with Frank taking care of the following overpaint. That then became the basis for the final assets seen in-game, which Matthias created.

All images: Tobais Frank / Rockfish Games

This isn’t all of EVERSPACE 2‘s concept art, obviously. The game still has a year or more to go in early access, with more star systems, locations, companions, ship customisations, aliens and environments to be added. All of those will need their own environment/concept art as appropriate, of course. And if the quality of what we’ve already got is anything to go by, EVERSPACE 2‘s full launch will be an absolute blast.

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