The Domino’s PS5 Is Giving Me Serious Indigestion

The Domino’s PS5 Is Giving Me Serious Indigestion
Image: Domino's Facebook

I’m all for customising consoles to make them look appetising. Domino’s has gone the other way, making what might be the ugliest PS5 on the planet.

Like eBay, Domino’s Australia are giving away a pepperoni-themed PS5 away as part of a competition. There’s only one to give away, but what’s really noteworthy is just how jaw-droppingly hideous the whole thing is.

I mean, Jesus Christ, just look at it.

dominos ps5
Image: Seventh Circle of Hell

I can’t tell if the most off-putting thing about this combo is the console, or the wrapping around the DualSense controller. At least with the PS5 you can just remove the faceplates and have something less vomit-inducing in your house. The controller, with that strip of black underneath that oily glow of pepperoni and cheese … no such luck there.

The whole competition runs until February 12, according to the Domino’s terms and conditions, and the whole package is apparently worth $1369. Given that there’s no extra games with the console, that means the custom skin must have cost at least a few hundred bucks.

Either way, if you want to just enjoy the comments or find out more details on how to potentially spice up your living/gaming room, head to the official Facebook post below.


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