The Official Stardew Valley Board Game Is Out Now

The Official Stardew Valley Board Game Is Out Now
Image: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, everyone’s favourite indie slice-of-life simulator, now has an official board game! And not as in “here’s an official board game and it’s launching on Kickstarter”, but the official Stardew Valley board game is out right now.

Simply titled Stardew Valley: The Board Game, the game supports 1-4 players and runs for approximately 45 minutes per player. Given that the game is very much pitched as “not a casual quick game”, that means a full party of 4 players would probably need 4 to 5 hours for their first game.

And hey, if that works for Dune, it’ll be fine for Stardew Valley.

Players work together to save the valley from being overtaken by the Joja Corporation, rebuilding the Community Centre by completing a list of goals from your grandfather. That includes Stardew Valley classics like exploring the mine, raising animals, improving skills and earning upgrades along the way.

If you need an indication of how complicated saving the valley will be, the full 71mb rulebook has been uploaded to Dropbox. It includes information on how to mine, buy animals, buy and plant seeds, water your crops, fish, donate to the museum and, yes, how you can get married:

Definitely a lot of different moving parts with the Stardew board game, then.

As mentioned before, you can buy the Stardew Valley game now direct from the Stardew Valley shop. The only kicker is that they won’t ship to Australia, so you’ll have to use a US-based repostal service, like Australia Post’s ShopMate. There’s a good guide on how to use that here, but just keep in mind the shipping cost from ShopMate will probably be $55 or more assuming the box weighs over 2kg. (Which is a good bet for larger-sized board games.)

For more details on the board game, head here.


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