Twitch Leaks New (And Final) Street Fighter V Character

Twitch Leaks New (And Final) Street Fighter V Character
Nice head. (Screenshot: Capcom)

Eleven will be the final character to join the Street Fighter V roster, according to new details accidentally sent to Twitch users by the streaming platform itself.

In an email acquired by Kotaku, Twitch details a broadcast scheduled to occur alongside Capcom’s special Street Fighter V summer update tomorrow morning. The upcoming stream will apparently spill the beans on Eleven becoming a playable character, something Capcom teased earlier this week.

Street Fighter V’s final season will also introduce Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama of Rival Schools to the game’s playable cast.

Eleven was introduced in Street Fighter V as an aptly named precursor to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike’s lovably low-tier Twelve. They both possess shapeshifting abilities, but as a prototype, Eleven is understandably less skilled.

More details are sure to come tomorrow when Eleven is officially unveiled.


  • Might want to update this story. Eleven is indeed coming to SF5, but he is a bonus mimic character rather than a full fledged character in his own right, and he is not the final character for season 5. The actual last character is still unknown.

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