WandaVision: The Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed

WandaVision: The Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed
Image: WandaVision

WandaVision is continuing along at a steady pace, with each week bringing more mysteries and magic to its unwitting audience. Some of the major easter eggs and comic references have already been solved, but others still hang in the balance.

Now that we’re four episodes in, we understand a bit more about Wanda’s world and how it’s being manipulated. We’ve also learned more about the shadowy SWORD organisation and how they’re working to free Wanda and Vision from the fantasy world.

But there’s still a lot we don’t know about WandaVision and what’s going on. There’s plenty of strange signs and references to comic details that could still have a major bearing on the plot and our understanding of what’s happened.

Here’s every major easter egg and reference we’ve spotted that hasn’t been talked about nearly enough.

Beware spoilers for episodes one to four of WandaVision below.

Wanda’s New Costume

wandavision new costume
Image: Disney/Marvel

This easter egg isn’t found in the show, but in one of the later posters released for it. In the poster, Wanda and Vision are depicted in their 50s attire, with various TV screens showing the other dimensions and futures the pair occupy. Two of the screens are notable for showing off pieces of what appears to be a brand new costume for Wanda, one inspired by her 2015 comic.

It could be that Wanda breaks out of the show with a new attitude and a new look — one which she’ll bring to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2022.

The Beekeeper

wandavision beekeeper
Image: Disney/Marvel

The Beekeeper was initially depicted as a menacing figure in the early episodes of WandaVision, but later we learn that he’s just a harmless SWORD agent on a quest to rescue Wanda. Still, he meets a grisly fate when Wanda appears to erase him from the timeline (more on that shortly).

While the Beekeeper himself isn’t a Marvel character, his appearance does reference two prominent villains from Avengers history. The most obvious is the yellow-suited scientists of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). The yellow stripe around the keeper’s helmet and the overall design of the outfit strong resembles these suits, and could be a nod to the evil organisation.

aim wandavision
Image: Marvel Comics

His appearance also brings to mind Marvel wasp-villain Swarm, who appears covered in writhing insects and hooded in a cloak.


marvel disney no more mutants
Image: Marvel Comics

Following the beekeeper’s arrival, Wanda utters a very powerful line that’ll feel familiar to comics fans who’ve read House of M. (House of M is also referenced on one of the wine bottles in Wanda’s kitchen.) In her aggravated state, Wanda’s simple “no” in WandaVision becomes a command as reality rewrites itself to remove the Beekeeper from Westview.

While it’s currently unclear what exactly happened, it’s likely the beekeeper was erased from reality so Wanda could maintain her illusion of perfect happiness.

In the comics, her words have similar powers. In the process of suffering a mental breakdown, comic Wanda utters the phrase “No More Mutants” and her powers end up removing the mutant gene from millions. It was a pronouncement that changes the world of X-Men forever and has lasting consequences.

While WandaVision‘s “no” has slightly less impact, its power shouldn’t be underestimated.

Jimmy Woo’s Card Trick

Audiences were first introduced to FBI agent Jimmy Woo in Ant-Man, where he became Scott Lang’s parole officer and reluctant friend. When Scott performs a card trick, Jimmy is fascinated — and we later see him attempting the trick for himself after Scott teaches him how it works. While Jimmy is mostly unsuccessful over the course of the film, when he arrives in WandaVision he pulls it off flawlessly.

The camera doesn’t linger long on him, but we see Monica Rambeau (fka Geraldine) looking sceptical as he makes his business card appear fromthin air. It’s a minor nod, but a very fun one.

And speaking of…

Monica Rambeau

monica rambeau captain marvel
Image: Marvel Comics

Audiences were clued into Geraldine’s true identity early on thanks to early media interviews and leaks from the show. We first meet her as Geraldine, but in the fourth episode we learn she’s actually a SWORD agent known as Monica Rambeau who breached Westview in an attempt to save Wanda.

Monica Rambeau first appeared in the MCU in Captain Marvel, portrayed as a young girl by Akira Akbar. In the film, her mother Maria is the one who helps save the world with Carol Danvers — and ends up founding SWORD for the protection of the world.

Monica ends up following in her mother’s footsteps at SWORD, but she has a much greater destiny lying before her. In the comics, Monica Rambeau takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel and gains the ability to transform into electromagnetic waves. She’s later known as Spectrum, but retains her superheroic ways.

It’s possible the Monica Rambeau we see in WandaVision has a similar future ahead.

Tommy and Billy

wiccan speed young avengers
Image: Marvel Comics

Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd are Young Avengers from Marvel’s comics, and also the cosmic twins of Wanda Maximoff. Their origins can basically be explained as wild 80s bullshit but what you need to know is Wanda willed them into existence using her own power and by making a deal with Mephisto, Marvel’s analogue for the devil.

They were lost for a few years, but eventually returned as heroes Wiccan and Speed in the mid-2000s. Their background was initially hidden from them, but ultimately they realised their true identities and that they were the magical children of Wanda and Vision.

In WandaVision, the twins appear as babies and will likely play a key role in Wanda’s future. Whether they’ll age alongside the time periods and become the Young Avengers we all know and love today is currently unknown. Either way, they’re definitely a plot twist you should pay attention to.

The Strucker Watch

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff gained their powers through Hydra/Nazi experiments helmed by Baron Strucker (as seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron). While the MCU has yet to explore the trauma associated with these acts, the impact of Strucker on Wanda is clear in the advertisements that play between WandaVision scenes.

One of the products featured in these interludes is the Strücker watch, a reference to Baron Strucker and the impact he’s had on both Wanda and Pietro’s lives. Currently, the importance of these ads is unclear but given the reality of WandaVision is likely a product of Wanda’s powers, it could be that these ads represent her fragile state of mind.

They could also hold clues as to why Wanda is stuck in an alternate reality prison.

As WandaVision continues, it’s likely to bring plenty more easter eggs and references to the table. Wanda and Vision’s history is filled with magic and mystery, so stay tuned to the big screen to see what else lies in store.