What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As a perfect vestibule for time fillers, the weekends are great for things that occupy space in your brain and simply refuse to go away.

One such game that just takes an offensive amount of hold over your mind is The Witness, Jonathan Blow’s mind-bending puzzler. I didn’t expect to find myself jumping back into it, mostly because there’s only so much enjoyment you can have out of a game that delights in constant torment.

Sure, some people enjoy being told they’re an absolute moron. The Witness never says this outright, of course, merely sitting there blankly with its brightly coloured grids and boxes and small icons that sit there for eternity.

It’s funny because I’d actually rebought The Witness on PC this week, the exact same day I grabbed ULTRAKILL and started enjoying that. So to find out that ULTRAKILL basically has The Witness built inside is pretty wild.

ULTRAKILL is sick, by the way.


The other thing that my group of friends has been really getting into is Dune, the hilariously lopsided, unfair, brutal board game. I cannot recommend it enough.

It’s a game that can run for five minutes, or 5 hours, and our first session the other day went the full gamut. I started out with a massive army, only for the storm to completely obliterate them within the second turn. “Well, I thought, that’s me fucked.”

But as it turns out, hell no. We eventually got some alliances going, other people ate some shit, and the entire board state ended up being reset four times. Things dragged on so long we ended up being late for another dinner with friends. That dinner was with another group of people who love board games, so once we’d explained the situation, they immediately asked when they could play Dune as well.

So definitely looking forward to more of that. But what about yourselves — what are you playing this weekend?


  • Breathedge – A story driven space survival game that’s similar structute to Subnautica. It has a sense of humour too with fourth walk breakage referential comedy and a sarcastic AI character guiding you.

    Its leaving early access going 1.0 next week so I got a copy.

  • Zelda: Link’s Awakening, haven’t payed that much for a game in a long long time though…

    and Cyberpunk, takes me forever to finish these sorts of games. Trying to setup PS Remote play so I can manage the grind on this and Valhalla though didn’t realise the Duelsense wasn’t supported by ios yet but will be in the next update. Seems mostly smooth though.

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