What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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After a week involving some slightly unhealthy meals and just a lot of late nights, I’m looking forward to a weekend with two things: a lot of relaxation, and a hell of a lot of loot.

There’s two games involving loot in various forms that are perfect for binging over a weekend. One of them is Outriders, Square’s answer to games like Destiny. A demo just went live this morning on all platforms ahead of its official release on April 2 — which, yes, is April’s Fools internationally.

I have a sneaking suspicion that might work out real well for the studio, actually. Although they’ll still have to contend with the noise from Monster Hunter: Rise, a ton of Kingdom Hearts games hitting PC, and Evil Genius 2.

The other game — which practically everyone is playing right now — is Valheim.

Having already sold 3 million copies within the space of a fortnight is an accomplishment that any game could be proud of. But I’ve never wanted to play any of these survival simulators/experiences alone. So this week has just been a slow progression of working out who among my friend groups wants to dive into Valheim.

Now that I know to stay well away from boars but also trees, I think I’ve got enough grounding to work my way through the first couple of bosses. Hopefully? We’ll see how much patience everyone has.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Playing Days Gone at the moment, enjoying it alot and took out my 2nd horde yesterday so feeling pleased about that.

    Just need the Ascendant trophy to get the Platinum in Godfall. Came pretty close last weekend so will put a bit more grinding into that and see how i go.

  • Breathedge is now 1.0 with its new chapters, so going to binge that. Humorous variation of Subnautica with story driven survival and lots of 4th wall scifi comedy.

    Outriders looked interesting, since its a demo I will play it, but I will reserve judgement on it for the sole reason last night YouTube started recommending me videos from gamers… who also hyped Marvel Avengers and Anthem before release. The press kits… but its not a live service and it has no MTX so hopeful?!?

  • Yakuza Kiwami and PSO2 mainly. Have to get caught up in the main story of PSO2 before the 5th so I can get that Dark Rappy scarf. I should get caught up in FFXIV’s last patch or two, but the whole ‘those two guys from Stormblood’ being a core part really kills my enthusiasm.

    • I know right? I may just wait for another patch or two then binge through them but with all the other games out there I don’t see the point in forcing myself.

  • Having finally knuckled down and played the final chapter of Last of Us 2, I’m still juggling Valhalla and Cyberpunk without settling on either and I’m playing Bravely Default 2 instead.

  • I’ve fallen hard for Ancestors just recently so will be working my way through human evolution for a bit.
    Maybe a bit of yooka-laylee with my daughter

  • I’m definitely giving Outriders a shot this weekend.
    I’ve seen Anthem fans saying that they hope Outriders will scratch the Anthem itch, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot more like (now also dead) Defiance.

  • Had a little play of the Outriders demo. A little clunky and the story was ok but I just don’t see myself buying it. I would describe the combat as similar to Mass Effect Andromeda which I also found clunky and flimsy. I don’t think it will replace Anthem for those who enjoyed playing that game.

    • It’s so very much worse than Andromeda’s combat because the mobility is reduced so much. At least Andromeda let you jump and make use of verticality. In Outriders, you’re effectively anchored to the terrain, and move awkwardly between blocks of chest-high cover or specially-marked ‘climbing’ points.

      It’s more like The Division, really.

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