Xbox Live Is Finally Back

Xbox Live Is Finally Back

In an oddly considerate bit of timing just ahead of PlayStation’s first major Direct-style show, users are struggling to login to their Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles right now.

Update #2, 2:10pm AEDT: Hooray! It’s all back for Team Green once more.

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The outage, confirmed by the Xbox Support Twitter account, is affecting the Microsoft Store, access to subscriptions, online gaming and Project xCloud. Services went down at approximately 7:15am AEDT, according to Microsoft, making this one of the longest outages in a while.

A shot of the Xbox Support outage earlier in the day.

Users, naturally, took the outage well. It’s also unfortunate for developers, particularly the makers of Outriders which had just released their demo earlier this morning.


  • Where’s all the hysterical ‘The World is Ending’ / ‘Can’t run a network out of a paper bag’ type responses from the internet whenever theres an issue with PSN? I mean, this is infinitely more hilarious since Microsoft push themselves as being the great saviour of the world through cloud computing and servers and they can’t even keep their own system up.

    • As irrelevant as it is, the last time I saw a write up in that, the two services were basically as unreliable as each other with PSN taking a small lead, who knows where it’s at now.
      (It’s little comfort when it’s your own service)
      The massive attacks against PSN have kinda remained in the collective conscious of gamers too I suppose.

      • Wasn’t meant to be a irrelevant question I was genuinely interested. I can’t say I have had any issues with either, I just know that PSN cops it all the time and I had nothing to compare it against.

        • Yeah that was my bad, I should’ve tied the comment about irrelevance to when your own service is down a bit better.

          If memory serves me, the article was quite a few years old and used down detector to see historic data on when services were down.
          Not sure if it was a feature or an actual investigation.

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