Zelda Speedrunner Beats Breath Of The Wild With His Feet

Zelda Speedrunner Beats Breath Of The Wild With His Feet
Screenshot: Twitch / Nintendo / Joedun

Speedrunner Joedun is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to doing the unthinkable in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not content to have a top 10 time when it comes to 100 percenting the game, he decided to do it again earlier this month without taking any damage. Now he’s back beating all of the dungeons, and Ganon, using only his feet.

As Polygon reports, the over eight-hour playthrough split across two days was Joedun’s first time attempting this type of challenge, and it required a great deal of patience as he manoeuvred through the game literally on his heels and toes. “I was the FIRST PERSON in the WORLD to do ALL DUNGEONS in Breath of the Wild with my FEET AND A PRO CONTROLLER, this was 10x worse then 100% [damageless] btw,” he wrote on Twitter.

Watching the stunning — forgive me — feat for yourself.

A lot of Breath of the Wild speedrunning tricks require quick reflexes and precise button presses, and so are extremely difficult to replicate with other appendages. Still, Joedun was able to pull off the game’s infinite moon-jump glitch and a few other exploits. By speedruns standards the playthrough was slow and methodical, with combat presenting one of the toughest challenges. He did die, but not as much as I would have after just five minutes of cramping up my feet like giant crab claws.

After finally landing the killing blow on Dark Beast Ganon, Joedun let out cries of joy and relief. Some viewers in the Twitch chat dared him to try a no-damage run with his feet. That seems unlikely. “It’s never going to happen again,” Joedun said at the end of the stream. “Never going to happen again.”

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