AMD Finally Has A Fix For That Super Annoying USB Problem

AMD Finally Has A Fix For That Super Annoying USB Problem
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)
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Having your mouse randomly disconnect in the middle of a Counter-Strike clutch or your USB ports occasionally refusing to work might actually be one of the most annoying PC issues one can have. But USB woes like that are what some AMD users have been living with for the last several months, and fortunately a fix is available.

AMD announced early Friday morning Australian time that the longstanding USB issues on current-gen AMD platforms might finally be over. “With your help, we believe we have isolated the root cause and developed a solution that addresses a range of reported symptoms, including (but not limited to): USB port dropout, USB 2.0 audio crackling (e.g. DAC/AMP combos), and USB/PCIe Gen 4 exclusion,” the chip manufacturer announced on Reddit.

The issue had been persistent for some users since the launch of the X570/B550 platform, although the issues were small enough that it slipped under the cracks for a while. But when more people started complaining about their USB devices disconnecting, unexplainable lag spikes while gaming and consistent issues when using VR headsets with certain USB ports, AMD finally had to act.

AMD has prepared AGESA to deploy this update, and we plan to distribute to our motherboard partners for integration in about a week. Customers can expect downloadable BIOSes containing AGESA to begin with beta updates in early April.

The key to note here is the AGESA version: Some motherboard manufacturers as recently as this week have issued new AGESA BIOS updates, but some users on social media and forums getting confused thinking they’ve downloaded the fix when they haven’t.

So if you’ve been having these issues on your AMD system, keep an eye out on your motherboard manufacturer website for updates. You might have already installed software from your motherboard maker that will let you know when a new BIOS update has dropped, although in my experience most people a) don’t use those and b) never look at the notifications when they’re out anyway.

So do yourself a favour, update your BIOS when the new AGESA update drops, and let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that AMD finally fixed the issue. Losing CS:GO rounds because your mouse stops responding literally as you’re about to click on the head of someone defusing isn’t fun. (Fun for everyone else in the server maybe, but it sure as hell wasn’t fun for me.)

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